Saturday, October 3, 2009

Anna Knows Me

A long while ago, I saw this awesome Junk Gypsy Journal Anna made for Ashlyn and decided, "I want one!" So I emailed Anna and asked pretty please if she could make me one too and I would swap her something.

After many ideas, I finally made her this and sent it off, hoping she would find it a good trade.
She did.
And now I've got my own Junk Gypsy Journal to complete with some of my own personal finds.

Anna knew just what phrases to include.
They describe me to a "t".

I just love the black tulle fringe!

That fine line, Dave Barry refers to, is a little blurry to me.
hee hee hee

Thank you, again, Anna.
My life is now complete!


kiwicarole said...

Lucky you! I think it looks too nice to use!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

What a treasure and such great and appropriate quotes!!! Anna knows you Ms N! :)

femminismo said...

Blurry indeed, when we look at the "treasures" (junk) we've collected over the years, determined to use in one way or another. (I like the tulle also.) - Jeanne

Marlynn said...

I love both the Gypsy journals. Too cool..... I just love junk - I don't care what it is called. LOL

Margaret said...

I love them both and I love all the quotes!! great keepsake! Mx

Patti said...

I love your banner! and your blog!

thanks for visiting my blog - I took the photograph as I walked down the front steps out of church. yes, I carry a camera everywhere I go.

If you ever find the fine line between hobby and mental illness, will you let me know?!

take care!

Anna said...

hehehehehe - what I wanna know is what pics of our fair gypsy lady will get to make their way into the gypsy book? thanks for the encouragement... That gypsy book is really fun to make..... being a fellow gypsy soul myself...... (thanks to linda and you!!) much love, anna

perilloparodies said...

what a great booklet!!! love the Thomas Edison Quote!! just love it and will use it... fits me to a T!!! and love the G is for Gypsy, too... great book!