Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why "Ruby Floy" ?

Artwork curtesy of Rebecca, my soon-to-be-5 year old stamper.

Anna emailed me," You need to do a post explaining the name of your etsy shop".

Okay, Anna, this one's for you. Hope you're reading!

Ruby Floy was the sign in name I came up with when I bought and sold (mostly sold than bought) stuff on ebay. It's my husband's paternal grandmother's name and sounded nice and old fashioned like the name of someone who would own an antiques shop. Grandma Thompson, who has never been in the retail business, is 87 now, a strong Nazerene woman who never forgets to encourage us to "seek Jesus first" in her monthly letter she writes in wibbly wobbly cursive handwriting. I don't think she knows I use her name because she's not up on all the internet stuff. She has never been on a computer. She won't even use the electric typewriter given her so her letters could be typed and legible. She even hand writes each of her Christmas letters.

Anyway, Ruby Floy became my etsy name by default. I wanted to buy a journal from Cindy of Useful Books, and to quickly register on etsy, I just used my ebay name. I didn't know I couldn't change my sign in name later (on ebay you can) and besides, I wasn't thinking about opening a shop at the time I registered. Now I think it's worked out fine. It's still a good name for someone who runs an antiques business, or in my case, a Junque Shoppe. Ha!

Ruby Floy

Your place for a la carte rummaging and affordable original art pieces.

I live a block away from our town's post office and even occasionally work there (yes it's true, I am the substitute post mistress!) so your purchase is mailed within 24 hours of payment.

I live in a small town where no one throws anything out, so I have a large inventory of vintage and antique stuff (that I can't post fast enough for sale!) that I sell for less than Big City prices just because I can. I always wanted to have an antiques store and now I have a virtul one. But not just any antiques store. One that caters to creative types like myself. I stock what I enjoy, so am pleased when someone else enjoys my stuff enough to buy it.

Life is good.

(Pssst, Patty. Time to start stocking the shelves of your etsy!)


Linda said...

Great post! So if I have an etsy shop I'll be Blake Marler .... soap opera diva from the "late" Guiding Light! Interesting! Yes, Patty, where is your etsy shop!

off to look at what's available at your shop...

Anna said...

hahaha... love linda's comment :)

And thank you for the post.. I am now satisfied in my urge to know what Ruby Flow stands for.... (btw - I check your blog almost daily..... so YES I"m reading - don't always have time to leave a comment.... but I'm always reading.... you, linda, katie and Tim /Ali....) I LOVE your etsy shop slogan... IT simply perfect!!! AND I totally AGREE your prices sure beat california prices.... The only un-operable typewriters I have found in thrift / vintage shops were $65 and up..... AND the ephemera pages...... $5 a sheet!! outrageous!! So I'm one satisfied customer for sure... well - I am more than a customer..... a fan.... a friend....... a fellow cohort..... lol - lots of love, anna

femminismo said...

The name is wonderful - and you're a substitute postmistress. How colorful. I could write a story about it! Love the term wibbly-wobbly for her handwriting. How great she still sends out her cards this way. Some of her handwritten stuff would made great collage material! Could she write me out some poems? (for $$) - Jeanne

Margaret said...

Fabulous historical post, I'll be posting a link to your shop, a bit after the event but you know me I get there eventually...

Ashlyn said...

What a wonderful story!!
Hugs, Ashlyn

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

I'm reading and reading with interest, enjoying the back story and then .... you are so good for a little friendly needling! You naughty you! If I had a "real" etsy shoppe, I could rationalize going to auctions ... hmmmm .... danger, danger!!!!
RubyFloy is a lovely name! and it seems to be a good luck charm for your online 'antique shoppe' too :)
my word verification is: shouter LOL

Jeanie said...

I wondered about that, too! I think if I start an Etsy shop -- and some day I will -- it will be The Marmelade Gypsy. Because why not?1

Marlynn said...

Love your story..... LOL = good to know you can't change it once you use it..... should be story of my life.... Your shop is great and I love it.