Monday, October 12, 2009

The Divas Are Back!

Another swap complete with the international Queen Bees 5. Well, complete when I mail Carole's pages to her! These first pages are by Linda.
Diva Too!

Linda again with an attitude loaded model.

One of my favorites. Can you find the diva?

FOUND her!

A diva caught in a photo booth by Patty.

Another by Patty sporting a butterfly chapeau!

Carole's "Free Radical Fighter" who just doesn't want to have to think about her undies! A New Zealand thing?

On the reverse... A public service announce-ment on excessive sunbathing. hee hee

Margaret's divas considered an oversized love seat purchase (or is is a skinny couch?) One diva wisely talked the other one out of it. How would they ship it home from Switzerland?

Close up of Margaret's deadpan dialogue. I laughed out loud the first time I read it!

Finally, Margaret's divas did some mountain hiking, sporting impractical shoes and gigantic cowbells. These girls know how to see the globe!

A few more divas in my next post. Can't show them ALL at once!


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

that's alotta fun Divas Nathalie!!!
such a great round robin experience with all of you talented queen bees!

Linda said...

My "diva, too" looks like she has diamonds in her teeth...that's supposed to be her collar. hahaha Great swap!

kiwicarole said...

I think we are just way too clever! lol

Margaret said...

Truly fabulous in the way only Divas can be, you go girl!

Anna said...

You guys need to start a new blog just for the QB5! How fantastic are your swaps!! Great Great Great job ladies!! btw - I was wondering what you QB's were up to! thanks for sharing

Jeanie said...

What an awesomely fun collaboration! All so amazing and with their own personality!

perilloparodies said...

Oh, you ladies are just having too much fun!!! love the two pages that say, "the sun-kissed look" and the well i was just saying... well don't" they made me giggle... and love the vintage paper pages... just so fun!!