Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Breakfast Tea on Tuesday

Rebecca woke up sounding congested this morning.
She had been complaining about a sore throat for a couple days.
"Can you bring me food on a tray?"
she croaked in her morning, "I'm sick" voice.
"Sure", I said vaguely, hoping she would go back to sleep.
Once my son was off to school, a picnic breakfast in bed on a tray was sounding more do-able.
My largest tray was almost too large to pass up our narrow stairs.
On the walk up, I noted the dog hair nestled in the corners of each step.
But I digress.
I landed on Rebecca's bed like a magic carpet ride, tray laden with milk and honeyed tea, teacups, scrambled eggs with cheese and warmed over cinnamon rolls (served on old glass dessert plates). Also a small blue custard cup of orange slices and a small box of raisins (just because I know she likes raisins).
While we ate and drank, I read "The Jolly Postman", opening and reading every enclosure in the book, instead of skimming like I normally do for bedtime reading.
"This is the best day ever!"
exclaimed my 5 year old invalid.
And she cleaned her plate, eating better than when she is "well".
Just then she spilled her full teacup on the tray.
The party was over.
Until lunch.


Linda said...

I hope there will be pictures at lunch. I'm sure there will be! PREssssssssssssssssssure!

Anna said...

how sweet! my little marzipan (marcel) is sick today too! he came home yesterday from school with a fever - feel asleep at 6 pm... then of course woke up at 1 am.... and needed someone to snuggle with for the rest of the night...... so we are just chillin on the couch today... I made my earth bags.....trying to figure out to add ruffles and those fabric flowers that are all the rage.... they are turning out CUTE!! might have to make an extra for my blog best-ies...(the people who most often leave comments.... u, linda and katie) Hope lunch is swell - we are having chicken noodle soup :) xo- amt

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

What a sweet tea you two had ... better tea on the tray than in the bed!

Hope your sweet Rebecca is feeling much better soon ... altho being sick can't be sounding too awfully bad to her at the moment :)

To answer your "naughty" cup question on my bbb, I bought a hatbox from Coldwater Creek a couple of years ago and have posted about the other cups in it on other T Tuesdays ...
and sparkle ;)

Happy T Tuesday!

Jeanie said...

And they say being sick is no fun! I want to be sick at your house! It sounds like a wonderful and magical time for you both. Perhaps something neither of you will ever forget.

bad penny said...

fabulous ! aren't they just great when they are "poorly" ?!!!
My ornaments all tell a story and that's why I can't get rid of any !!!! Happy T xx

ooglebloops said...

Having breakfast in bed with mom while she's "sick" will be one of her treasured memories!!! Spilled tea and all.....!!!

La Dolce Vita said...

what a delightful tea! bring your cup and come check out the new blog!! xx's


Hi! I came by way of Bel'Antico...Catarina's new blog just above me here! lol

your story was such a pleasure to read! it's never fun spilling anything...but at least it was at the end of a pretty great time!

i'm now following you!

and I invite you to pop on over to my blog....and enter my giveaway that I'm currently having!

hope to see you there!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina