Friday, April 2, 2010

No Calorie Peeps

Found these at my local fleamarket.
Reminded me of Easter gifties I got as a kid.
Ten cents each.
CHEAP, cheep, cheep!
May you have a blessed Easter
and may all of your treats be calorie free!


Laura said...

These little chicks always make me think of Easter when I was a kid! They are so cute!
I just finished making a 3" tall fleece bunny that lives in a 4" decorated felt egg for my 5 year old granddaughter for Easter. It came out cute!
Happy Easter!!

Mica said...

cute! Happy Easter to you...Mica

femminismo said...

I love these guys! Much nicer than Peeps! Giant Easter egg hunt in the rain tomorrow. Our children and grandchildren are such good sports.

bad penny said...

dear little chickies. I said to my daughter "do you know what - don't buy me an Easter egg - I'd rather have flowers this year" she went quiet , then answered, "um, I got your egg yesterday !"
Happy Easter

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

precious peeps ... I am always attracted to them ... every size is so cute!
Happy Easter
Happy Spring
Happy Happy Everything
dear Nathalie!

Margaret said...

very cute! I remember these as a child,they were always loosing their beaks and eyes! I was probably supposed to admire rather than play with them! Mx

Jeanie said...

Those are totally dear! And very cheep indeed! The best chicks!