Sunday, November 7, 2010

I've Got the J O Y...

And I've bottled it! I'm taking part in a
crafts fair next weekend, so when do I start creating? This past week of course! I made two sets of bottles, similar in design. I filled each bottle with pretties-- lace, old trims, old pearls, a sprinkle each of a faux mica flakes and chunky gold glitter. This is a great way to use tulle and not-so-aesthetically-pleasing polyester lace, both of which I seem to have a lot of (garage sale and thrift store finds!)

Labels are made of old hymnal pages, cut with zig-zag scissors and antiqued with gold on the edges. I hand painted the lettering with acrylic paints.
I had to re-do the letter J twice, because I didn't like my first attempts.
I attached the labels with watered down white glue.
The necks of the bottles got collars made from some old vintage metallic trim, while the center bottle got a scarf made from a tarnished sequin trim.
One of the times I am glad I keep stuff for years.
You just never know when you can use something!

Don't have corks? Roll up old paper to the size you need (like rolling long paper beads).
Yesterday I found corks at Lowe's, 2 for 70 cents (a tiny drawer among the nuts and bolts). I think I prefer hand made stoppers for this project. The bottle brush tree is simply hot glued on. The other two bottles I left uncorked, because I wanted to the tree to be the fanciest bottle topper.
Might make a couple more bottles filled with "Christmas Cheer" or "Winter's Bliss".
Labels can be antique postcards or vintage Christmas cards.
Toppers can be old ornaments.
A good reason to go rummaging through my stuff!
If you need a reason, you may borrow mine. :)


Lorrie said...

Fun and festive ideas. Hope the craft sale goes well.

~*~Patty S said...

DEE Lightful creations!
Really brilliant N
Keep creating ... nothing like a deadline to get creative juices flowing

Sandy Ang said...

Wonderful christmas inspirations!

Joanna said...

Brilliant and fun ideas which have inspired me to have a go too.

La Dolce Vita said...

very festive and love the cork idea!! xo

kiwicarole said...


Burlap Luxe said...

Love the joy over here.
I too love altered, mixed-media, paper, paint...and My interior design business.
I love to create after a big Model home design job, it is a great outlet for my time to un-wined and relax.
You should come visit and look at some older postings with my creative works along with my etsy shop :)

Would love to see what you have to say.

I am a new follower of yours.
Have a creative holiday. I have featured recycled holiday gifting :)


Margaret said...

Fab idea! love the script and the red! I actually bought some bottles the other day thinking I'd like to do a bit of a waxy number on them but they're stuck together with some kind of cement glue! in the shop it looked possible to remove it rather like large pants always look small until you get them home! no idea what to do with them now!

~*~Patty S said...

just for the record I adore tuille/netting and find some nylon laces that speak to me too ...
enjoyed another look at your fab bottles!
bet they'll be a hit!

Jeanie said...

Adorable to the max! Love the stopper idea -- I've been dying bottle brush trees, tinting and glittering them -- the "cork" is a wonderful thing for them!

I had a show this weekend too -- was hoping to resurrect my bottle snow people and I know they're hiding around here somewhere. I'm sure I'll find them when the holiday stuff comes out. Meanwhile, the two that didn't fit elsewhere are at the show stuffed with beads and pearls and such fun!