Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cheater Backgrounds and Other Goodies

I have hardly had time to make some art, or blog about it.
This past Friday I decided to make time.

I started with cheater backgrounds sent to me as a RAK from a lovely Christian Paper Artists woman. (The papers were no longer in their original mailing envelope so I do not know who to thank now.) I also grabbed some chopstick wrappers and Chinese fortunes I had saved from a recent dinner. The beautiful Asian images are from Linda
and the "found" items (pins, sequins, postage stamps) are from my good friend Karyn, who sent me a box of goodies just because she was thinking of me. (I love being thought of, don't you?)

I happily played for a good hour before I had to rush off to a friend's house for lunch

(we experimented with making carrot cake waffles and ate until we had sugar comas).

This pastel card looks a little unfinished and will probably get a fortune glued to it before I send it off. Well, of course, I am not keeping these for myself! I have so many friends who have blessed me with goodies and I haven't had a chance to send proper thank yous.

This card is going up to Canada.

I think I need to play some more! I still have lots of materials left to work with!


Ann said...

the cards are just lovely!!! the recipients are going to be delighted!!!
Sounds like you had such a good time with your friend!..carrot cake waffles..sounds delicious.Are you going to share the recipe?(hint,hint!!!).xo

Linda said...

These are lovely!'s good to send the art out into the world... Glad you had some time to play!

kimmie said...

I'm glad that you got to play ... It feels good doesn't it? These are fun assemblages ... And the fortune about contentment seems to be just right :)

~*~Patty S said...

oh so nice you got some time to play...lovely cards with very special ingredients...some mystery or not!!!