Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Proper Tea Form

During one breakfast over the weekend, Rebecca suddenly took it upon herself to demonstrate for me the proper way to drink tea.

I guess she felt I was not aware,

or she just wanted to show off her vast knowledge of things.

Here she is with her fingers grasping the teacup's handle while her pinky is thrust out for effect.

She also toasted me with a, "pip, pip cheerio", before she raised her cup.

(something she learned from an epsiode of "Backyardigans").

Now you are informed too!


Yvonne said...

LOL That was so cute!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your daughter is SO adorable. Love how she inspired your Tea Tuesday. And that tea cup looks awesome, too.

Linda said...

The child is getting her information somewhere!!! LOL

Jill said...

Cute!!! Does she do the accent too? They actually do learn quite a bit from Backyardigans, little Einsteins, ... rugrats, not so much!

Dianne said...

Very nice form indeed! I have arthritis in my fingers, so I tend to pick and hold the cup by the rim... A bit safer for me... Even if not so proper!

Halle said...

So cute and such a fun memory you have to put away.

~*~Patty S said...

Darling Hello Kitty Girl (read in best BBC accent!)

she certainly has all the moves going on ;)

Happy T to you and yours dear N

Anonymous said...

Well of course, da-ling but how do you drink proper tea if it is in a mug and not a gorgeous tea cup? hmmm. I hope the "pip pip cheerio" still applies cause that is just FUN! Happy T on T~

kimmie said...

So cute!! I remember backyardigans! They do learn a lot from those shows :) ..... Now they watch spongebob or icarly. Not quite as educational :)

Fun stuff on a tuesday!

Ann said...

oh..she is just the cutest thing EVER!!!!!
well dressed,propr lady with her tea!!..look out Emily Post!!!!!

Margaret said...

Darlink, she learnt all she knows from you of course, fabli pic!

Marlynn said...

Absolutely LOL. This is too special. Tut Tut BFF