Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another Use For Doll Parts or HOW TO Make Pincushions

I thought to myself,

"there has got to be something else to do with doll parts besides jewelry!"

That idea is so over done.

So I had this cute idea, but then couldn't find the fabric I knew I had

(in a box somewhere, lost in our move last spring);

but then, eureka!

I was cleaning out Rebecca's clothing a couple days ago

and found a pair of velour pants she had outgrown.

So this post is dedicated to Rebecca's Pink Pants.

Roughly cut a circular piece of stretchy knit fabric, preferably something plush looking,

like Rebcca's velour pants.

Tuck a small bit of fiber fill into the center and gather the ends around so it looks like an onion.

(Fiber fill curtesy of a stuffed animal with a loose seam,

because I don't know where my bag of fiber fill is either!)

Stuff the ends into the opening of the doll leg or arm with a scissor or

other slim, sharp object.

Hot glue some trim around the top to give it a nice finish and
Are these not adorable?!
BTW, I got these doll parts at the thrift store.
Someone had used the head for something and didn't need the rest.
I knew there was something I could do with them, so snapped them up.
The bugle beaded trim was a thrift store purchase too,
so add that to Rebecca's cast off pants and the "borrowed" fiber fill and
this project cost me practically nothing.
Afforadable crafting!
These pincushions are destined for Christmas gift giving.
Affordable gift giving!

Now go make something!

Postscript 10-9-11
I found another pair of doll arms and legs in my stash so made more pincushions.

I am selling the extras in my etsy shop, for those who are interested.


Yvonne said...

YOu are so clever. Very cute idea.

Linda said...

These are adorable!!! Great gifts!!!!!!!!

Joanna said...

Brilliant (poor little stuffie though, now minus a few pinches of innards!).


Dianne said...

What a great idea! They are so cute!

kimmie said...

Uber cute :)

Carmen said...

LOVE! Cute in a slightly creepy kinda way which makes them PERFECTION in my book :D

Ann said...

how fabulous are these!!
just love them!!
gotta go make some!!
why am i not clever enough to come up with an idea like this!!!
where did i put my doll parts?

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I never would have consider bits and pieces like doll parts to make such cute pin cushions. Thank you, Mary Helen

BadPenny said...

Wonderful idea & beautifully made.

Gaby Bee said...

What a fabulous idea! These are adorable!

~*~Patty S said...

OMGosh what a brilliant use of those lovely limbs!!!

I adore what you've done here N!!!

Those are not your everyday plastic doll parts...they look much more vintage than that...I have some arms and legs decorating for fall...but they are just scattered parts ;)

Thanks for sharing!

Margaret said...

love the way you mind works Nathalie, would never have thought of this myself! I particularly like the arm, I can just imagine to take it out of my bag at a crafty evening, quite a conversation piece and practical too! you are our recycling Goddess x

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

That is a marvelous idea !
Do come say hi when you get time.

:-} Lorraine