Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gathering Nuts for Winter

We are blessed with a huge, old pecan tree in our backyard.

Last Thursday an all day wind storm "harvested" the pecans for us.

Without the wind, the nuts drop at their leisure as their casings mature and open.
I suppose at a nut farm, a tree shaker is used, but we don't own high tech machinery.

I didn't even know we had a bumper crop until after the wind storm.

Picking them up is like a cross between an Easter egg hunt and "Where's Waldo" since they are about the size of a bird's egg and as well camoflaged in the dry grass and fall leaves.
Fortunately, I like games.
Also I have a willing helper, who also likes games.

Rebecca enjoys a fun challenge.
Especially when we would count as we found the nuts--
Me (loudly): "45, 46, 47, 48..."
Rebecca (on the other side of the tree from me):
"49, 50, 51, 52, 53..."
We reached 100 in no time, several times over!
(That's a drink holder fron Sonic being used as a collection bin-
quite sturdy with a nice handle!)

We have a large marketing basket, full, on our back porch,
but still have plenty more to collect.
I won't have to buy nuts for baking this winter,
unless these get eaten first!
There is something wonderful about having a rich commodity in one's own backyard.
I do not take it for granted!
We also have hazel nuts (filberts?) growing on our property line,
but most of the nuts I cracked were rotten.
They seem to be less hardy and need special care (spraying?)
I will have to Google hazel nuts and see what can be done for next year.
Are you harvesting anything?


Ann said...

how fun!!
my parents had walnut tree!!
what a lovely way to spend time with the family!!

Jill said...

This brings back a great memory Nathalie. My oldest brother (who passed away over 25 years ago) lived in Florida and he and his wife would pack our Christmas presents in a big box with pecans still in the shell as the packing material. It was so exciting when the package came as I was still a kid at home. My Dad LOVED pecans and would spend the winter cracking them and eating them after Christmas.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

What a wonderful tradition to spend the sunny afternoon with your daughter collecting nuts for Holiday baking! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

carole brungar said...

Well, I've never seen pecans before! What a treat!

Linda said...

Carole has never seen pecans? Oh my....New Zealand is so strange. haha And I guess you can't send her any as Customs would throw them out! Poor thing. Well, I have wonderful memories of gathering pecans with my mother and my aunt! I love pecans... shelled pecans!!! And, no, I'm not harvesting anything...maybe acorns? ha!

Dianne said...

When I lived at home with Mom and Dad, we had oranges and key limes... we had a peach tree too, but it never did well. I love pecans and havent had the pleasure of cracking myself in a long time.

Lorrie said...

My harvesting is limited to things that I've planted - squashes, beans, lettuce, etc. I long for some fruit trees and even a nut tree. I wonder if pecans would survive on the west coast?

There is something very satisfying and luxurious about harvesting one's food, isn't there?

Anonymous said...

nathalie~ I'm hosting another giveaway on my blog...HURRY!!

Margaret said...

Nathalie, I can't believe you have so many!!! I have a lovely recipe for mini pecan pies from NZ!!!

Jeanie said...

Just the slightest bit envious of all those nuts! Pecan pie, crafty uses -- oh, yes!

Marva said...

Oh that is so awesome! I love pecans and would love to have a tree in my yard! You're so lucky!