Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jell-O for Breakfast

Our son is on the road with Dad this week, so it's just us girls.
Today we had fruited Jell-O for breakfast,
just because we could!
Last night we ate late and decided French toast sounded good.
There were no men around to demand meat and potatoes,
so why not?
We've also been watching chick flicks.
First "No Reservations", starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart, a faithful re-do of the foreign film, "Mostly Martha" (Bella Martha).
I highly recommend it.
A great movie with a glass of wine.
A few hours later we consumed "Leap Year", starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode.
Lots of beautiful Irish countryside.
Although I can't see how Amy Adams did it in 3 inch heels ("$600 shoes").

The Girls Week continues today with lunch at a friend's house and another movie this afternoon.
I am loving summer vacation!

What are you doing this week?


Margaret said...

Viva girls week, it sound's perfect to me! enjoy! mx

Ann said...

sounds marvelous!!!
my grandkids aren't out for the summer until next Wednesday at precisely 12:15:01 !!!!! LOL
tomorrow i am joining my oldest grandson on a field trip to the Channel Islands Floating Marine Lab in Oxnard,Calif...it's a 2nd grade field trip with all the schools 2nd graders. Apparently we are going to examine ocean water..for all kinds of things. fruited Jell-O...movies...wine....extra chair? !!!!!!!!!!

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

my daughter and I do the same thing when hubs is away... eat what we like when we like and no sports!!!!! enjoy your week...xx

kimmie said...

sounds like heaven ... I could live on jello and french toast :)

Linda said...

Sounds yummy! Who needs protein?!! hahaha Girls Week Rocks! I'm packing...but you knew that.

Joanna said...

Great fun! It's funny how things can be different with the fellas out of the way, it's just the same here. Life revolves around food with Grant at home - when he's not here we just eat when we want to.

We're in the middle of a mid term break from school (just a week) and then we're back for 6 weeks before our summer holiday starts. We were hoping to go to the beach today but, guess what, it's raining again :o(

Jill said...

Well I may need to check out those movies. This week I'm nursing my 12 year old who is sick again with sinuses and getting ready for my 6 year old's tonsillectomy on Thursday. I did get some gardening in though this week. I miss our "visits"...glad your summer is going well!

~*~Patty S said...

looks and sounds like great fun
in my favorite cup!

Anonymous said...

I am back up north for daughter #2s graduation from high school, and battling the flu bug....jello sounds good..maybe my MIL will make me some!

KreativeMusings said...

Reconnecting with you my old Hallmark bud!!!!!!!