Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Collaboration with Dani's Custom Designs

It started with a simple conversation.
Daniella had favorited one of my paper sandwiches and I struck up a conversation about having more paper available.
She needed sheet music for a specific commission piece and did I have anything like that?

Photo courtesy of Daniella Burton.

But of course!

I had a box of sheet music in the basement that I only vaguely knew the contents of.  Amazingly enough, I had the perfect paper for her French inspired dressmaker's mannequin! 
The sheet music cover above, became the focal point of the dress below.

Photo courtesy of Daniella Burton.

Daniella of Dani's Custom Designs (etsy) does beautiful work.
And I am honored to be a small part of it.
She also has amazing inspiration on her Pinterest!
Do visit her!

Tell her I sent you. :)

And if there's anything you are specifically looking for,
don't hesitate to ask me.
I may have it in my basement!


Kathy said...

This is lovely, what fun for the both of you to inspire each other. I love pinterest and have a fondness for paper cloths. I will check her out. Your basement sounds wonderful...happy hunting.

Tammy said...

Ha-ha! No telling what's hiding out in your basement. What a lovely collaboration. The mannequin is gorgeous! Have a great day! Tammy

Margaret said...

wonderful to see what was made from your paper collection, superb work, really beautiful! Your basement is lined with gold! Mx

Ann said...

how beautiful is that!!!

~*~Patty S said...

ooo you DO have THE best stuff Nathalie

that dress is a stunner and you helped!!!


Linda said...

How cool is that!!! We all must work together! Off to check out her stuff!

carole brungar said...

Very clever!!

Daniella Burnett said...

Ah sweetie, it's me Dani!!
I just found your page and love it. The layout is beautiful and it looks great. I feel blessed that you included me in it. Thank you so much and I am still using some of your fabulous papers making a couple more dress forms right now.
Thanks again for everything you were so helpful and just a doll to work with.
Bless you and Best wishes,