Monday, June 18, 2012

A Short Story

When we demolished our deck to rebuild it,
we discovered these sunglasses and the driver's side door
of a Karmenn Ghia...

When we built the new deck,
we stowed the car door beneath it for later rediscovery.

The End


~*~Patty S said...

very interesting ... do tell more ;)

my JJJ is a Karman Ghia fan and has owned several so far ... I guess he's a VW man thru and thru

Happy Tuesday!

kimmie said...

that is a great lead in to some kind of an adventure ... what a mystery!!!

Linda said...

I like that you put it back. Did you write a mysterious note to leave with it! You could have signed it "Ruby"!

Jill said...

A Karmenn Ghia? I need to start opening up wikipedia or an online dictionary before I visit here. LOL!

(It is a good story though.)

Halle said...

How fun! I grew up with V-dubs. Good memories attached to those. I think that so great that you put the door back for later discovery. Did you put a note or anything with it??