Thursday, September 6, 2012

Souvenir of Kansas and one more Pincushion

You will never guess, in a million years, what this figurine is.
You won't.
Ear of corn?
An Ottawa Indian?
Here's a picture clue.
Guess again.
Mr. Green Jeans in flips flops?
A farmer in flip flops?

One last clue before the reveal.
Guess again.
A girl with a ponytail?
Give up?
I'm as clueless as you are, but when I saw it at a garage sale a couple weeks ago,
I had to have it!
Today I Googled "Ottawa, Kansas Chinese" and found listings for restaurants. ha!
"Ottawa, Kansas history" gave me Ottawa Indians and WWII internment camps populated by German and Italian prisoners of war.
No Chinese.
By the way, the figurine is marked "Japan".
It's not even made in Kansas! ha!
He is made of "china" though! heehee.
Just had to share one of my more unusual aquisitions.
There is no accounting for my taste in bric-a-brac! 
And now here's that other pincushion.
I just bought it .
I love old tomato pincushions.
This one is velveteen and came with the pins and needles you see pictured.
$1.00 at a local antiques flea market.
I couldn't pass it up!
And speaking of pincushions,
don't miss my hand made pincushion giveaway in my previous post!
You have until Monday night to join in!


~*~Patty S said...

what would we do without Google!

a most unique piece and I think the tomato pin cushions have great charm too...
they definitely speak of yesteryear...
anything velvet (or velveteen) speaks to me too :)
Happy Weekend to you and yours dear N!

Linda Jo said...

That is bizarre! I guess "they" will stick a city sticker on just about anything and sell it as a souvenier..... makes no sense. I have one of those pin cushions! At least I think I do.... who knows since I moved!!!

Joanna said...

Both items were essential purchases!! How strange that Mr Chinese Man should have been chosen as a souvenir for Ottawa.


Margaret said...

Well there's no accounting for the trail, there will be one you know! Love your guy, he's fab! AS the tomato, a must in my book, what a great vine-y sort! Mx