Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Accidental Fashion Designer

The other day I was cleaning with a bleach based household cleaner
and did two stupid things.
1.  I wore black.
2. I hugged the bottle to me when I was done (to carry it into another room).
Before I realized what I had done, a purplish mark had already appeared on my once black top.
The top was getting overwashed and dingy, but it was comfy and I liked it!
What to do to keep it out of the trash and sort of presentable still?
I had no RIT dye on hand, so I opted for the opposite remedy.
Further bleaching.
Acting quickly, I changed into some other shirt, grabbed a rubber doily from my china cabinet drawer, and headed outside to the glass topped table on our deck.
I arranged the doily on the front of the shirt and spritzed, spritzed, spritzed.
Didn't even rinse the top, but just threw it into the wash with a load of whites that needed a little bleach anyway, and voila!

A Nathalie original I would be proud to wear with artsy jewelry.
And when I am done with the shirt, I can salvage the prettiest part of the lace pattern and repurpose it.
Here is a detail.
Be fearless.
Go bleach something!


Dianne said...

Good save! I Like it very much!

Susan said...

That's so cute! I have to try that!!

~*~Patty S said...

way to make lemonade out of possible lemons...I Love it and have learned the same beware bleach lesson over and over ;)

Linda said...

Well, aren't you the smarty pants! I love it!!!! I am quite certain I will be using this tip!!!

kimmie said...

I just LOVE that! I have a love hate relationship with bleach - I will have to remember this for the next time I splash it on my clothes :)

Tammy said...

Nice save. I like the look. Have thought about doing the same sort of thing with spray paint on a cupboard. :) Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

fiftyfinally said...

i currently have a stripped pullover sitting in the bottom of the garbage can in the laundry room....hmmm
i wonder.....
maybe soak a doily in bleach ....
....i will have to ransack my mothers doily drawer first...
of coarse when one is actually looking for a ratty doily that's a throw away at a garage sale, i probably won't find one

Margaret said...

The saying 'there are no mistakes just opportunities' really is true! totally inspired, I love it! Mx

Jill said...

This is great Nathalie! What next? Didn't this make you want to go grab your little girls jeans that are starting to wear out? I think I may! But a rubber doily? Not sure I have one of those. I've seen them, I don't think I have one though.

BadPenny said...

oooh where is the bleach ? I admired some artwork recently using bleach.

Moms Antiques and Things said...

That is so cool, what a great accident, haha!