Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tiny Bubbles in My Tea (Tuesday)

I am so glad the weather has cooled here in my part of Missouri.
I can drink up to 3 pots of black-tea-with-milk a day, without breaking a sweat.
Fall is my favorite time of year (I say that every year around this time- ha!)
It's overcast this morning and looking decidedly gloomy,
after a violent sounding thunderstorm came through last night.
It's put me in a contemplative mood.
So I Googled the Farmer's Almanac to see what this winter will be like.
Missouri had a hellaciously hot summer, but according to the Almanac, we will have enough precipitation this winter to offset the summer drought.
Some of it might even be snow (although below normal amounts).
I am feeling better already.
More snow would be good, but I will take any.
I think I'll make another pot of tea (#2 today) to celebrate.
What are you contemplating in your tea this morning?


Dianne said...

I can drink multiple pots of tea as well, but I switch to Jasmine in the afternoon and a noncaffienated rooibos or other herbal at night. As it gets cooler I drink more chai. I've been contemplating the future lately... My life is going to take a huge turn in the near future... One that I'm not looking forward to and will change it completely, so contemplate I must.

kimmie said...

oh that makes me so happy that the farmer's almanac would be online!

contemplating in my tea? I was thinking I ought to kick it up a notch and have coffee this morning - but I powered through - I'll be glad about my decision tonight when I'm sleeping - and not just TRYING to sleep!

Linda said...

It's still summer here..... and I'm still drinking coffee in the morning... some things never change. Contemplating? Hmmmmm..... hard question...

Jill said...

I could contemplate rain or moisture over my coffee for days! We are still beyond dry here.

~*~Patty S said...

YES cooler weather is most welcome here too...it's the first time I've had on long pants in I don't know how long...still bare foot tho :)

I am contemplating how tricky it is to reenter into real life after gallivanting for a week that felt like much longer away from it all...sigh

Happy almost October!

Margaret said...

well only a week late but I'll contemplate this Tues with a large cup of coffee! cool pic! Mx