Monday, October 29, 2012

Can I Buy a Vowel?

Yes, you can, at Jana's Stuff, and I did!
I didn't need the letters, but I wanted to get something, anything,
because Jana's shop is so fun and her spokes model KK (Karol Kitsch) is a riot!!!!
So now, not only do I have my shop spelled out in Scrabble tiles,
I also have an autographed photo of KK presenting my letters on a Scrabble board.
Karol Kitsch is one versatile gal...

 I mean, for goodness' sake, here she's milking a cow trivet...

...And here she's dressed in full Octoberfest costume to sell a beer stein!
And you will never believe the lengths Jana goes to to market a silver bread basket!
Go visit Jana's Stuff and tell her Ruby Floy sent you!
The most hilarious time in a shop you will ever have!
(I hurt from laughing, just thinking about it!)


~*~Patty S said...

Thank you dear Nathalie...
dearly need some laughs just now... I also have a thing for Scrabble pieces (yup collect those too 0) hah!)
I will be checking out the links...TFS ;)

Linda said...

Too funny! I will go check out the links. Love Ruby Floy in Scrabble tiles!!!!

Jill said...

Oh gosh!! Her shop is hilarious! I'm sharing her shop with a few people I know that will get a big kick out of it. I told her Ruby Floy sent me. :)

BadPenny said...

Thanks for the giggle !

daysease said...

hahahahhaha! Very creative! hahhahaha!! And uniquely cute!