Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sugar for Breakfast (It's Tea Tuesday)

This morning I'm drinking my usual black tea with milk,
so I won't bore you with a photo of that,
but instead I want to share what the kids and I made over the weekend.
The weather has cooled and so baking is a cozy way to heat up the kitchen
and bring the family together.
Pumpkins and leaves and hearts (Rebecca's choice on the hearts,
because they are always in season, right?).
We also turned the large oak leaf cookie around and made ragged looking ghosts,
but you will just have to use your imagination because the ghosts were the first eaten. ha!
The small maple leaf could be a bat if it were turned upside down, but that's for next time.
29 more baking days left until Halloween!
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Linda said...

Those look yummy! I'm so impressed you and the kids baked and decorated cookies for fall! What a good mom you are!

~*~Patty S said...

Baking cookies and with kids...what a fun fun time and very creative you all are too (no surprise!!!)

I agree with Rebecca about hearts :)

it's a perfect hot cuppa something day here today in rainy VA

kimmie said...

Those look so tasty! I ought to do that with my girls - I have a cute black cat cookie cutter - and a pumpkin too - but your fall leaf cutters are great!!

Jeanie said...

You are reminding me that I have a bunch of autumn cookie cutters I have to get out! They look delicious!

Ann said...

my goodness...it has been eons since i baked cookies!!..let alone shapes with icing and decorated!!..it's slice and bake or tollhouse!!
i can smell them!!!!
my butt just got bigger!!!!
thanks!! lol !!!