Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cereal and Tea (It's Tuesday!)

Were it not for Tea Tuesday, you might not hear from me at all.
Every morning, as soon as my kids get on the school bus, I boot up my computer and start my work day. My office is in the kitchen. At the breakfast bar.
I have decided to treat my etsy shop like a part time job instead of a hobby and the sales show it. First it was to reduce clutter
(we plan to move in the next month or so and I don't want to take it ALL with me),
but now it's just the joy of running my dream shop.
I am adding new items daily during the week, when I have the house to myself and no demands on my time; and on weekends I answer emails and track sales.
But today, as I eat my mad scientist mixture of Raisin Bran and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereals (trying to finish off the dregs in opened boxes), I am reminded of my breakfast a few days ago when there wasn't milk handy for cereal.
   I had already poured the cereal in a bowl, before I remembered that we were missing the key ingredient. *groan* I hate when that happens! But no matter. I had hot tea made. Plain, black tea. I poured some over my cereal and voila! A hot breakfast! I didn't miss the milk too much and the raisins in the Raisin Bran plumped up from the hot liquid.
I wouldn't want to eat cereal with tea exclusively now, but in a pinch, it works.
I've read that "Inspiration is the mother of invention".
I say it's that, and the occasional lack of milk in the house.

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~*~Patty S said...

Your "office" sounds very nice and I just happen to know lots of good stuff comes out of there (your Rubyfloy and otherwise!)

Love how your forged ahead and had a bit of an adventure with your tea substitute for milk ... I would have had to close my eyes ... I know that milk in my tea is a lot about the visual aspect ;)

Happy Tuesday Mz N

kimmie said...

your morning sounds a lot like mine!
awesome about your shop .... I'll stop by!

when I was a kid I used to like orange juice on my cereal - especially fruit loops or apple jacks :)

Linda said...

I, too, love your office... love your etsy job, too! I could not have eaten cereal with tea on it. You are truly a trailblazer!!! Happy Thursday now!

Jeanie said...

Ha! That really is ingenious! And probably pretty tasty. I'm not a milk person with my cereal -- yogurt is my brand of moisture for that, but there are times when I'm yogurtless! Now I have a plan!

Margaret said...

Congrats on your Etsy success and finding your your office routine!
I have a vague recollection of sugar and cinammon toast as a kid but never as a cereal with tea on it! eeek! might have to leave that one to you... off to find my coffee Mx

Jill said...

Say it isn't so! Your moving from your lovely home with flowing curtains from long windows in the dining room? And, wasn't there a really wonderful pantry? I keep thinking I'm going to dedicate myself to my Etsy shop too but still hasn't happened. I'm very happy to hear that your sales are responding to your effort!

ooglebloops said...

I have been falling behind on my Tuesday Tea posts- and blogging in general!! Facebook has become blogging shorthand for me!!! I am definitely missing writing - so, even tho I missed this past Tuesday - I WILL be back!!! Thanks for linking up with me!!!! I will link to you also this coming Tuesday!!! I have soo much to post about- and so little time.....LOL Am hopping over to your shop- and plan to update my own shop SOON with the "tons" of inventory I have just sitting around doing nothing but taking up space......Have a great day!!!