Monday, March 4, 2013

Snowed In

This photo is from two weeks ago when
we got close to 12 inches of snow in mid Missouri.
Last week we got another 12-14 inches.
My kids missed 4 consecutive days of school.
Although there are still huge piles of snow everywhere,
the roads are clear so school was in session today.
Thank goodness!
I can only take so many snow days.
Next in the forecast.


Joanna said...

Ugh to snow and yuk to mud :(

Spring on it's way.....?!


Lorrie said...

We're at mud here.

Many people are surprised at our mild weather. As you've said, it's due in part to the mild Pacific air that keeps temperatures cool in summer (too cool for me) and warm-ish (relatively speaking) in winter. Our latitude (southern tip of Vancouver Island) is roughly equivalent to that of Seattle's, so we are below that infamous 49th parallel.
We have the mildest weather in Canada, and I love it!

~*~Patty S said...

Precious picture of your cute snow bunny and pups!
and WOWEE that is a lot of snow!

I have my fingers crossed that the weather guessers are right and we will finally get a few inches of snow this week ... so far we have had no snow to speak of.

Glad you got some YOU time!

Margaret said...

woo hoo you have snow!! with a dog like that in your pic anyone would think you were here! Mx

Linda said...

Sooo much snow!!! I can't imagine! Great picture! Glad they went back to school! Hope you don't get any more.

Kim Andersen said...

We've had mud for months now .... But I'll take that over 4 days of no school and almost a meter of snow - yikes!

Jill said...

The snow days can get a bit old huh? We've only had maybe 6 inches when you all got hit and only one day off. Now, it's spring break and I hope it feels like it!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have a question. It's private. How can I reach you by e-mail and snail mail? Such a sweet girl deserves a reward. ;) Shh. Don't tell her she's been mentioned.