Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Everlasting

Happy First Day of Spring!
I haven't seen anything brave enough to start sprouting in my yard,
but I've always got spring time on my desk!
This is an everlasting bouquet of pens-- you know how some places of business gussy up their pens so no one walks off with them?
My daughter made a bunch of these as party gifts for my 50th birthday celebration last November
and happily there were plenty of extras leftover from the party.
Not only do I enjoy how they look, but I can always find a pen to write with.
Pens used to disappear in my house, but not anymore!
With a giant silk flower attached, my son is not likely to carry one off to school
and the pens won't roll off of a table, travel along the floor and disappear under the bookcase.
And with so many great duct tape patterns to choose from,
you can make them even more bodacious.
Because more is more.
Why just use a pen, when you can write with a flower?
And hey,--
They would also make a nice May Day offering.
I'm already thinking of a reason to make more!


~*~Patty S said...

very pretty
and handy
and they make me smile

one of our bank branches does this and I always enjoy picking a posy to write with ;)

Jeanie said...

Happy Spring to you! It's so pretty and makes me smile. My doc's office does that, too!