Friday, May 3, 2013

One For the Record Books

No, this is not a photo taken during this past winter.
It was taken this morning.
May 3, 2013.
A record breaking May 3 snowfall not seen since 1905.
Normal for Canada, but not for Missouri.
It looks peaceful, serene, and even pretty.
But it's highly destructive!
(dramatic music- dum, dum, DUM!)
The trees have all leafed out, because it is spring (duh!)
so the heavy, wet snow had plenty to cling to.
This is our poor old maple littering our backyard, its crown splintered.
I hope we don't have to take it down--
it's the only thing between our house and the blistering summer sun
and helps our air conditioning bill.
Although I'm not running the a/c today!
A lot of trees in the area suffered similar damage--
the old hardwoods that can't bend much under extreme stress.
What's sad is that in a day the pretty snow will all be melted (or washed away by rain)
and only mud and the carnage will be left.
All from a 24 hour freak blizzard.
Life can change that fast.
On a lighter note, it's good to have a friend on a day like today.
I bought this tin of toxically bitter throat lozenges for the package.
Wouldn't you?
Just inhaling the vapors from the packet inside is enough to clear your sinuses!
Having the heat on in the house has made my throat dry (just like it's winter all over again)
and I tell ya, one of these babies numbs my throat and makes my sinuses feel like a wind tunnel!
If they didn't work so well, I'd have a hard time eating them.
They look like brown Necco Wafers and taste like Vicks VapoRub
laced with pure, black strap molasses.
The actual ingredients are eucalyptus oil and licorice with just a trace of sugar
(sugar is listed next to last)
How's that for a flavor sensation?
Happy Spring!


Yvonne said...

Oh my, I've been watching the national weather and was wondering who got it bad. I would be afraid of a tree falling on the house. Hope it warms up soon for you. Be careful.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am so sorry about the May snows...I know it must be frustrating . I would have bought that tin myself....i collect them for their designs and after I can find 12 similar in size and colors I want to make a special assemblage. Kind of like stories inside stories...Stay safe and warm. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

~*~Patty S said...

Golly Gee ... Mother Nature is such a trickster ... such crazy weather in a lot of the middle of the U.S.

sorry you got snowed on AGAIN and that your maple got damaged too...

Those sorts of tins always wink at me too...after your description I'm sure I will not be tempted to 'try' one ;)

Hope REAL Spring finds you very very soon!

Linda said...

I hope the Maple survives! Bummer about the snow! It really IS pretty! So that's a current product in a great tin?! Amazing! I'll have to look for it..... sounds just yummy. ha!