Monday, May 20, 2013

Remember Me 'Til Niagra Falls

I love tacky vintage souvenirs.
I normally gravitate to souvenir plates, but when I saw this painted slice of wood,
I couldn't resist!
I got it for next to nothing at my favorite little thrift store, The Classic Shop.
Just as I thought, the Niagra Falls vista looks stunning hanging in my kitchen!
It's right at home with a Norman Rockwell calender
 (compliments of my local bank),
The Last Supper (on a plate)
and a reproduction wall phone that really works.
I don't know why, but the slice of wood made me think of painted saw blades.
The germ of a new collection...


~*~Patty S said...

Love it Nathalie!
The painting on it is super with those lovely Birch trees something you tend to see growing up north and not down this way in VA much...
Painted saw blades both round and long are so cool too!
Your wall
'arrangement' =
(say in French accent)
is very pleasing indeed ;)

Linda said...

It IS very pleasing! Great find! And look at you.......... blogging!!!!!!

Jill said...

We see painted pictures of Jesus on slices of wood up here quite a bit and my friend affectionately calls them "Jesus on a shingle" . You need one. :)

daysease said...

I love Norman Rockwell! My son and I are admiring that phone, too! :-)