Monday, August 27, 2007

RAK (Royal Act of Kindness)

I am accustomed to getting unexpected envelopes or an altered postcard in the mail, but today I got a hefty BOX from Margaret she humbly called a RAK (Random Act of Kindness). Her little Post It said she was sharing some of her stash and even offered more, if I wanted it. YIKES! Looks like she emptied half her studio and was starting again from scratch! Dictionaries, Gregg shorthand and house wiring books, a vintage Boy Scout handbook as well as an antique edition of "The Merchant of Venice" copyrighted 1880 (with yummy prose on yummier yellowed pages), plus mini wooden dominoes, mini playing cards, fibers, bottle cap and charms, hardware from 7 Gypsies, typewriter key beads from Paper Bliss and clips from collage sheets, a box of Russian language cards oh, and a hand made fabric bookmark in Margaret's signature blues and greens. Thank you doesn't seem to cover it!!!!

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Linda Jo said...

WOW...Margaret must be "cleaning out". I keep threatening to box all my stuff up and send it to Corbi. But then..she would send me all of her stuff....might be a good deal actually.