Friday, August 17, 2007

Early Morning -The Best Time of Day!

The older kids started school yesterday (yes, we start early in Missouri!) so it's just me and Rebecca at home now. I wish I could say I had more time for creating art now, but she keeps me running! Here she is "helping" by watering a volenteer marigold. She drowns one flower while the rest wilt in the heat. Haha. She is adorable!

This morning after putting the older kids on the bus to school (and while Rebecca still slept), I went out to the garden, picked 5 cucumbers and some dill and put up 2 jars of garlic dill pickles. No vinegar involved which is why I like them. Just brine. Easy-peasy. Try it your self!

In a clean, sterile quart sized jar (I run mine through the dishwasher), pack tight with freshly sliced cucumbers (the pickling kind, not salad cukes found commonly at the grocery store), some sprigs of fresh dill and a couple cloves of garlic (I use 2 tsp. of chopped). Boil 2 cups water with 1 tblsp. salt (I use Kosher sea salt) and pour over prepared cukes. Close lid, let cool on counter then stick in the fridge. They are ready to eat in a week. If you want them to have a fermented zing, let them sit longer (2 weeks). I like mine just briney tasting without the zing. I eat them like chips (I can't eat just one). Only these dills are fat free. YUM!

No sooner did I close the lid on the second jar of cukes this morning, than Rebecca woke up. My quiet time was over.


Linda Jo said...

You got a picture up! Yesss! Rebecca is soooo cute! Yes, this IS addictive. I love it.

Joy for the Journey said...

Welcome, Nathalie! You'll love it!
Sarah :)