Monday, August 27, 2007

The Return of Lovingkindess

There hasn't been much fun mail coming lately except for mom's letters covered with vintage postage- that is until today! A yellow card in my PO box signaled that there was stuff bigger-than-a-p.o.-box waiting for me behind the mail counter. To my surprse, it was not one, but TWO boxes! I opened the small one first, recognizing the return of the (God's) Lovingkindness book I did a page in. What a great shape and what a great colaboration book! I love Linda's cover art and tulle ribbon binding, and I have to say Jan Kessell's pages are my favorite. The "sun" page I posted is actually a second page peeking from behind a cleverly wired first page and the third page has a moon. A lot of work,
but a fabulous trio. I also posted my contribution- a meditative child (image from a vintage postcard) flanked by lace doilies. "O Lord, may your lovingkindness and truth always protect me" Psalm 40:11
Read on about box #2.


Linda said...

The artwork in the book is wonderful. I was so happy with the entire thing....glad you have your book now. Don't you wish people would leave comments on your blog? Why don't more people do that? It helps to know someone is reading this, isn't it!

Nathalie Thompson said...

I don't know what to tell you, except that I will be more conscious in leaving YOU comments! lol I DO appreciate yours too!

red tin heart said...

I love this!!It is so neat. xo Nita