Thursday, August 21, 2008

...Dear Old Golden Rule Days

Did you ever have a Big Chief tablet for your first day of school? I never did, although I had heard of them. Well, the other day I picked one up in near mint condition, along with wide ruled filler paper and some ledger papers. All were in their original wrappers. All were browned and yellowed from age and sun exposure. I could not resist! The Big Chief is my favorite. It was once red (the soft red of construction paper as seen by the tablet's inside front cover, protected from the sun), but has now faded to a salmon color. Its gold ink (border and highlights on the chief) still has a regal sheen. The tablet is priceless to me. Makes me think of a time before calculators, computers and videos were common in school. When having an AV presentation meant a film strip with students taking turns reading the narration under each picture or watching an old instructional movie with a warbling soundtrack. hahaha The smell of a freshly sharpened pencil takes me back to Pleasantview Elementary, where I started as a kindergartener.

My older kids started school this past Tuesday. Victoria is a middle schooler (6th grade here) and Seth is in third grade. Rebecca's first day of pre-school is this afternoon, even as I write. The silence in the house is music to my ears! I haven't forgotten my promise of a blog give away. This is my first opportunity to breathe (alone!) in forever. Patience, dear reader, patience. :)


Donna said...

YES I DID!!!! WOW!! Just like That!!! Great Find sweetie!!hughugs

Linda said...

Yeaaaaa! Finally! I think I did have a Big Chief tablet! I went to my daughter's school (she's the teacher) today and smelled me some books!