Saturday, February 7, 2009

B*I*N*G*O*! New Storage!

Did you know that the words "BINGO" and "VOGUE" each have 5 letters? Of course you did! But now I have reminded you. The card was made from a note Cindy Ericsson sent me (the ladies stuck down on the BINGO card) and I just further altered it, adding "VOGUE", the feather, crocheted rosette and felt flowers (cut from a retired piece of Rebecca's clothing). The crocheted rosette was one of many I got in a baggy at the thrift store for 10 or 25 cents. I love those kids of finds!

And now to share some of my new storage and some of my obsessive collecting (the latter will be an ongoing series). The chest of drawers was a happy find in my mother-in-law's storage. It was a bit moldy from being poorly stored, but I cleaned it with bleach inside and out and have decided its functionality far outways any musty smell it may still have. The chest fits exactly under my studio windows so doesn't block the view or sunlight.

The drawers now house 85% of my rubber stamp collection. The other 15% are scattered in plastic drawers and one cardboard box I have yet to empty.

Do you love my clever use of shoebox lids as trays? haha The reason I don't use half of my stamps is because I can't see half of them. The "trays" help a little. These don't include my vintage alphabet stamps.

Believe it or not, I hardly paid anything for most of these stamps. I bought them on ebay in large or HUGE lots, sold off what I didn't want (individually or much smaller lots) and made back my money. I don't look on ebay anymore, because I think I have enough stamps. For now. And if I look, I buy. So I don't look. Obsessions have to be dealt with cold turkey. :)


Christine said...

Love your new storage and you are able to get so much into that little chest. Throw some dryer sheets in there and that should help the remaining must smell. I can NOT wait until my work room is completely put back together. I am going through the tremors right now because it has been so long since I have been able to create anything. How can I ever make those little lampshades if my studio is scattered all over the house waiting for repairs to be completed.

Good job!

Margaret said...

How much would I love to rummage thru those drawers??!! I so enjoy pics of other people's art stuff, cool storage ideas too. Now that you've revealed just how many stamps you own we are of course awaiting 'prolific' results hee hee

Donna said...

That chest of drawers is a Great find!! And the shoe trays are Another great idea sweetie!! Thanks for the idea!!!hughugs

Linda said...

Great BINGO card! Cindy is a sweetheart, isn't she! the white chest is such a find! I DO like your use of shoebox lids...I need to do that with my stamp pads...I need to store those much better than I do.

Faye said...

Nfathalie, you are so organized!!! The chest of drawers is a wonderful idea, but the shoe trays is really great.

I have put a link to your blog from my blogspot. I used some of the stamps your mother sent me. (If it wasn't your mother, please let me know!)

Jeanie said...

I love this chest and how you've filled it up! Lovely -- and so useful! Can't wait to hear of more storage techniques!