Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Asian Bird For Linda

Linda's is the first set of pages I am getting in our QB5 Round Robin. Her theme is "Birds at Home and Work". I chose to do an Asian theme for my first page and was determined to use a large puzzle piece ("Chinese puzzle", get it?) Don't know where I go the "Cricket Whisperer" idea. Maybe because there are movies and TV shows made about those who claim to whisper to ghosts, dogs, horses, etc. Ha ha! Really it's an epidemic of mystic proportions.
Chang Lin Hu (my fictional bird) is, of course, a vegetarian.
The faux wax seal in the bottom right corner is made from a glob of low temp hot glue pressed in with a rubber stamp dipped in ice water. A little gold Rub 'n' Buff to highlight the details and voila! I used Diamond Glaze to glue it to my art.


Margaret said...

love your vegi bird, the puzzle piece is inspired! fab colours and so love the name! Isn't it amazing how we all struggled with our own stuff but when it comes to the rest of QB5 we're can't stop!

Jeanie said...

I'm very fond of Asian style and this is terrific. Great colors! Lucky Linda!

femminismo said...

Love the "cricket whisperer." Why not have one who could tame the rest? Maybe he is the one who whispers "hush" when human footsteps are detected. Only the cricket with the best hearing and sensors gets to be a "whisperer." : ) Good to visit you again. - Jeanne, library card lady

Ashlyn said...

Love the Asian theme!! Love the colors!! Its beautiful!!

Hugs, Ashlyn

perilloparodies said...

such a lovely piece... wherever did you get the puzzle piece??? i love how pretty it is and that tidbit of humor, too. :-)