Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Few More Divas

At first I couldn't get going on this theme. Now I can't stop! I love my pattern girls, so had to do a page on them. I saw "Pattern Pixies" on someone's blog once a long time ago (couldn't find it now if my life depended on it), so I will not take credit for their concept. But I will take credit for the witty saying. This Diva skinny book is very tongue in cheek so far.

The back cover is simple. When you have wonderful old, yellowed and worn pattern envelopes, there is no need for further embellishing. At least I don't think so.
These girls will be winging their way to New Zealand tomorrow, as fast as the 4th of July holiday will allow them. I'll be closing our little post office tomorrow at noon.


Lorrie said...

what fun pieces - and I love the quotation - very tongue in cheek!


Margaret said...

Love these pattern pixies! well done for getting into the groove, love what's happening with your book, can't wait to have my turn with it! Mx

Mrs. E said...

I love looking at old patterns. (Even mine from the 70's are fun!) Thanks for stopping by Easy Street and Quoth She. I am not an artist--not even close--but I love looking at art work! It is so inspiring to me.
I love your blog!! I'll be back!!

Linda said...

Love that you used these patterns! You love patterns! I'm at the lake and can hear fireworks outside...they are starting early.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Had to come back for another peek and to try to leave a message again :)
At the risk of asking a dumb did your pattern pixies get those cute wings?

Jeanie said...

You're inspiring me with the patterns -- some of which I landed at a great garage sale! Love the pixie wings!

Ashlyn said...

Nice!!! These pattern pixies are SWEET!!!

I so need to upgrade my stamp collection! I need some butterfly wings! :)

Hugs, Ashlyn