Friday, July 17, 2009

Speaking of Margaret

This story starts "Once upon a time..." because it's been over a month since Margaret sent me her relatives and all of their baggage. We swapped art that long ago and now I am making amends for not posting properly about it sooner. Don't you love her daring swatch of blue on an otherwise monochrome piece? I couldn't carry it off with such confidence! Old lace, shell buttons, and a silk ribbon hanger all speak of Margaret's incredible attention to details.
(I swiped her blog photo since the light is better in Switzerland
and Margaret is a wonderful photographer!)
Her relatives look quite at home now hanging on the wall of my studio.
They appreciate the old things I have on display and are comforted
by all of the clutter. They traveled in cramped quarters on the trip here, so
need that "cozy" feeling.
An amazing amount of goodies came in the padded envelope!
Manuscript tissue, vintage (?) wallpaper and small playing cards
were just the tip of the iceberg.
The matchbox is for scale, but it looks like
a huge matchbox next to normal sized cards! ha ha!

The first wax catchers arrived then. Their chocolate brown color looks so Victorian! And Margaret knows I like brown!
There were two bundles of lace and the paper bag in the background is
one of two illustrated ones from candy stores.
The Swiss love their packaging and so do I!

Tickets, "bits 'n' bobs", Heidi, a felt heart, a candy tin of tiny plastic sparrow eggs, a fish shaped bead, ribbon roses and misc. A Swiss junk drawer spilled into an envelope just for me!
A "blur" of inspiring objects.
The matchbox art opened to reveal a "rusted" butterfly.

The gears are turning in my head. What shall I make?
So many wonderful little items to create with!


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

oooo you are a lucky lady, M's relatives look wonderful and they traveled with so many treasures too! Such fun!

Linda said...

Wow....I do love all that. I have never seen "wax catchers" like this. Surely there is a better name for those? ha I love them!!! I plan to show what Margaret sent to me this week...very soon...this is BIG WEDDING SHOWER weekend here.

Margaret said...

can't believe all that stuff was inside the bag, still I suppose it was sitting on the work top for a good 6 months!. I hope my rellies behave themselves, apparently this was their wedding day!

Shabby Chick said...

Oh lovely things! I agree that blue is wonderful, just perfect.

Mel xxx

femminismo said...

Looks like wonderful stuff to make gobs of lovely things. Don't you love these treasures in the mail. Go for it! - Jeanne

kiwicarole said...

I think all bills in the letter boxes should be replaced by envelopes of this kind!! (drool, drool!) :)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Oh I love all of your goodies dear! You have a special friend in Margaret. Blessings, Katie

Sparkled Art said...

Great stuff, what a gift. It is so fun to recieve good things in the mail.

Lori said...

i do like that little touch of blue on Margaret's really draws the eye is a lovely piece of artwork...all the goodies you received also are so nice...have fun playing with those!!!

Jeanie said...

Margaret's work is absolutely lovely and I think you have the best mail-call ever!