Sunday, January 16, 2011

Prompted to Draw Something in a Journal?

Thank you all for your very kind feedback on my art journal. Yes, I am doing much better now. I hate to do art when I happen to be depressed, because it becomes a permanent record of that temporary emotional time (about bi-monthly), but it is also the most cathartic time to do it. I'll be glad when I get through menopause!
I have been faltering in my daily commitment to draw something, but am not giving up. Last night I picked up the prompt journal I had started in over a year ago and added a drawing. I have one journal left for sale in my etsy and then I won't be making any more. I have almost run out of library pocket cards, which are the key ingredient.
Anyway, this particular drawing is making me think I could expand on this character (I want to call her Charlotte, the auther of this book, "I Know a Lady...") Which reminds me-- if I hadn't started making a point of drawing regularly, I wouldn't now be getting ideas for stories, zines and other projects. One thing leads to another. You just have to make the first step. I am also learning that I have a fixation with hats. Maybe because you don't have to be a size 2 to fit into one, you just have to be willing to draw attention (because no one wears really nice hats these days any more unless they are attending an Ascot race or a coronation or a royal wedding-- all of which are in short supply here in the States!)
So what's in your journal and are you seeing a pattern?


Useful Books said...

Nooooooo!! Not out of library cards!! I guess it's true that all good things must come to an end. :( Well, I love Charlotte. And you continue to inspire.

Margaret said...

Charlotte is fab! as is her hat! I can't wait to see her adventures!

Linda said...

Remember when we thought you'd NEVER run out of library cards? I may have to start sending some of mine back to you. ha! As if!

I love Charlotte and I see a book publication in our future. (our?)

I worked in my journal a lot this weekend and I do see a pattern! I see that I like to scribble!

~*~Patty S said...

Charming Charlotte...her hat looks like a beautiful winged dessert to me...guess I'm hungry...winter makes me hungry LOL

My journal is under some bricks trying to uncurl...I used some paints and water soluable (sp?) pastels

thinking more about journaling than actually doing it these past few days

Love your sketches N

ooglebloops said...

Love Miss Charlotte and the idea of daily art journaling- maybe I should give it a try Drop by and see the sketchbook I just completed!!! Completion - a major accomplishment for me!!!LOL

Joanna said...

Oh I do love Miss Charlotte's hat! What a wonderful confection of hattiness.

Thank you for your very kind comments on my blog, Nathalie, it means so much to me.


ps Thank you for taking part in the Pay It Forward challenge (I thought I was going to have to start begging and that would have been really embarrassing!). I'll be in contact soon.......

carole brungar said...

Love the outrageous hat!!!