Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Asian Tea

My inspiration for today's theme came from a gift of jasmine and white teas from Carole.
The tins are gorgeous and the loose teas taste quite exotic.
When I first opened her package and found the teas, I immediately opened a tin and brewed up a pot. I tasted, trying to guess the flavor, hmmmm, jasmine? Green? Tasted very different. Then it occurred to me to look at the tin (for the first time!) and saw it clearly labeled, "WHITE TEA". Duh! I have to laugh at myself. I have never had white tea before, so having a tin of it is a treat. I always order hot tea when we go out for Chineses food. I love jasmine tea with Chinese food!
My cherry blossomed teapot was an incredible thrift store find. The plastic spout protector was still on (never used!) The pot pours beautifully and holds a lot of tea. I think I had to give about $4.00 for it (a major splurge for me!) but it was an amazing find I could not pass up. You know how some thing will speak to you and won't leave you alone until you pick it up and buy it? This teapot was one of those things.

The teacup is another thrift store find-- one of my widowed/ orphaned cups, paired with a plain saucer. The cup is marked Haviland, Limoges, found for 25 cents. Are you kidding? Limoge for a quarter?! I would be stupid not to buy it! The saucer is Bavarian china.
The candy is also from Carole. :)
You know I am saving the wrapper for some collage project!

The cup reveals its secret when held up to a light. The china holds a delicate "water mark" all the way around the cup. I think the cup is quite old because its walls are very thin and fragile and the gold is all but rubbed off its handle.
And I paid 25 cents for it!
I still can't believe some of my finds.

I hope your day holds something exotic (or just out of the ordinary) today. Maybe a thrift store find of the century? Maybe something you haven't tasted before, or not in a very long time, that unlocks long forgotten memories...
Me, I may have to go out for Chinese food.


~*~Patty S said...

you captured the watermark perfectly in your love orphan cup pic N!

You are such a great treasure magnet...remind me not to go junk shopping with you LOL...kidding of course...that would be THE most fun and we'd have to have a nice Chinese lunch too...dreaming in VA

Happy Hot Cozy T to ya

Joanna said...

Such a pretty tea-cup (love the watermark) and fabulous teapot. Wonderful finds. Perfect little tins of tea!

What a lovely dream of all of us going out for a Chinese meal together - I don't think we'd ever run out of things to say would we?!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a find. Your tea finds are so special and so economical. I bought some white tea a few years ago for a friend, but she didn't care for it. I love it, but I also love jasmine, and the Chinese variety is the best, with all the lovely white flowers sprinkled through the leaves.

I enjoyed your previous post, too. I'm swooning over those old bibles and photos, too. So impressive! Happy New Year and Happy Tea Tuesday, too.

Linda said...

I'm sitting here drinking my coffee in my rabbit cup! But I'd go have tea with you any time!

Kimmie said...

Your tea setting today is just so sweet! what wonderful treasures, both found and gifted. The teapot is really very cool! the tea sounds delicious and the cup is beautiful ... I had no idea bout the watermark! it seems a fitting allegory for the true widows and orphans - they are pearls of great price!

La Dolce Vita said...

yes, your cup is very old and just gorgeous!! happy t day!

Anonymous said...

Love all of your treasures thank you for sharing! I really think that it is our duty to find those orphaned treasures and give them a new home! Glad that you had fun finding them, happy T to you, Christen

*jean* said...

what a gorgeous cup!!! happy t tuesday!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Well, to answer your question about the glass, it must be tempered, because I served hot drinks (hot from two crock pots) on New Year's eve and warmed today in the microwave. I didn't have one break, so I was either lucky or dumb. Or maybe the hot cider wasn't as hot as I thought. I remember wrapping my hands around the liquid part of the goblet on Friday night. Thanks for asking. I may have to rethink my choice of drinks next year.

Dianne said...

I always drink hot tea when eating Asian food too... and what an exquisite cup! I've started an orphaned tea cup adoption program... More on that in a later Tea Tuesday post.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Beautiful ~ at a small price ~ now I'm in the mood for tea! Blessings!

Margaret said...

I thought i recognised the tin when I opened your post! I was given one of these years ago (like 20 at least in NZ!) filled with felt and buttons!
Love your cup, the hidden pattern is very special.

Jeanie said...

Gorgeous cup -- and it's just cold enough here in my little art room/office that I think you've motivated me to go make a cuppa!