Friday, April 8, 2011

Art by Mail

When I admire someone's art, I am sometimes brazen enough to contact them and say,

"Hey, I LiKe your stuff! May I have some? I will send you something in exchange."

Then I hold my breath, because maybe they are a big time artist who can't be bothered with swapping or maybe they don't want my junk.

Well, the very talented and versatile Kimmie (and Tea on Tuesday hostess)

said, "yes", she would love to swap with me.

I was giddy.

So she made me this wonderful tin and bottle cap assemblage

incorporating a bird bottle cap I sent her (generously sent to me by Carole)

and I made her a junk journal from a beer box she sent me.

You can now find Kimmie's metal assemblages in her etsy shop.

Yep, this once held a 6 pack of long necks.

Gorgeous art on a throw away item.

I'm glad Kimmie shared it!

This is the sister journal I made for myself (the box had two good sides).

Kimmie's was more awesome but I lost the photos I took of it.

They disappeared between the camera and my computer.


So you will have to settle for pictures of mine.

I used similiar materials in hers--an old postcard, BINGO card and a vintage time card punctuated pages of ledger paper, maps, yellowed school hand outs (assignment sheets), vintage wallpaper and lots of pages from my mother's postage stamp album.

Some pages still have stamps attached. Kimmie's had more envelopes in hers and I have yet to add some in mine.

You know, for stashing items you don't know where to glue down yet?

Thank you Kimmie for indulging me.

I am so blessed to have some of your amazing metal work!

Art glutton that I am, I have already set up swaps with other girls, so I need to seriously start creating my end of the bargain.

And if anyone ever offers to send you art, if you agree to send art to 5 other people,

take their offer!

I got this stunning display of altered Scrabble tiles from Jo

(not unlike the beautiful inchies she is so good at)

and I am in awe of having something so beautiful.

My life is full.

Now go swap something.


Margaret said...

Awesome artwork, I can't work out what I like the best!! all of it is fabbo, and I love the inculsion of Carole's bottle top, I've nearly used my supply of them, such a great image and colour.
The scrabble tiles are inspired, might just have to pop into the secondhand store morn!!

Joanna said...

Superb assemblage by Kimmie - brilliant colour combo and I love the folk art styled metal. That is such a cute bird bottle cap, and it looks so happy nestled with the other 3.

Fantastic beer box journal - what a super image you've picked out for centre stage. Shame the other photos have disappeared into the ether, but if it's anything like the sister journal then it's absolutely wonderful, Nathalie.

I'm so glad you like your Scrabble tiles, thank you for showing them on your blog post.

Wishing you a sunny weekend (Spring reached you yet?)


Kimmie said...

I love my junk journal .... I may turn it into a beer tasting diary :) .... I like to save the labels (and bottle caps!)

Thanks for the link to my Etsy shop .... You are a dear!

Hugs, Kimmie

Linda said...

WOW! I'm glad you have other friends besides me. rofl Just Kidding.... I'm quite jealous actually. What great stuff! Swaps? Oh .... yes.... I should be making art instead of reading blogs...

You do have a blessed life...don't forget it.

Jill said...

Great pieces... all of it! Swapping is a great idea!

Marlynn said...

Good for you Nath, it never hurts to ask! Love your beer journal, I made one of those once and gave away. Amazing how much people love the "beer" covers. LOL Hugs

~*~Patty S said...

Swapping IS such a delight...
Love Love your treasures...both received AND sent!
Happy rest of the weekend to you and yours dear Mz N

bad penny said...

You & Kimmie are so very talented - what a swap ! I'm lucky enough to not only know Jo ( Bloggie meet up & became friends ) but receive a Pay it Forward gift from her too !

Catharina Maria said...

I love the art of Kimmie too and the yournal is great .
Love also the scrabble tiles , I will try that too .
Love from the Netherlands ♥RINI♥