Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seeking Healing Comfort in Tea

I am sick.

Cough, congestion, itchy throat and ears.

It's this dang, "beautiful" spring weather and temperatures fluctuations.

Allergies to mold, dust and pollen have turned into a head cold.

So I am seeking comfort in something hot and spicy

by the MUG FULL.

A dainty teacup won't do today.

Besides, I have a "new" thrift store find to show off.

Got this rockin' souvenir-of-Arizona coffee mug last week.

I fell in love with the cactus-shaped handle and the campiness of it all.

And it was only a dime! (all of the thrift store's mug are 10 cents because they get so many of them).

Today I am self medicating with hot and peppery ginger tea and spoonfuls of honey.

Dreaming of dry desert heat.

And the "medicine" seems to be working.

My throat feels better.

Cheers to the Grand Canyon State!

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Joanna said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling grotty - hope the healthy self medication keeps on working.

That mug is so funny - you just have to love it! It must bring a smile to your face when you hold onto the cactus handle.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I hate it that you are so sick. Since I went through nearly a month of it, I totally understand. I hope your ginger tea is medicinal and makes you well. If that doesn't happen, that Arizona mug will have to do the trick. Love it!

Wish our thrift stores were that cheap. The start at $.99 and work their way up from there. No chance for any cheap ones where I shop.

Jill said...

I'm sorry your sick! I had no idea that hot and spicy would help and didn't know there was spicy tea. Fun mug! Now, go curl up and sleep!!

Linda Jo said...

Love the cactus mug, too. But it makes me chant.... California Oranges, Arizona Cactus! We play your team just for the practice!

......that's what happens when you have cheers for football in elementary school....I grew up in the 50's...

Yvonne said...

Sure hope you feel better soon. I used to have allergies really bad and took shots and everything. Then the shots quit working, as I had a reaction to all of those. But then all of a sudden my allergies got better and I don't need meds for it or anything....don't know why!
Get better soon and happy tea day. Love the cactus mug btw.

ooglebloops said...

Love the cup- Arizona weather is what you need for the allergies and cold - well, at least you can pretend now!!! Drop by for tea if you get a chance........

~*~Patty S said...

super cactus mug
sorry you're under the weather
ahhh Spring
the Vit C helps colds too...your orange looks yummy
take care and feel better soon!

Nancy said...

Oh dear, hope you get to feeling better soon!
Tea is good and ginger is great!

Ann said...

oh,you poor thing! i so understand because i have the same allergies and go through the same thing ! hot ,spicy tea in that fabulous mug will surely help!! some day i am going to make a trip to your house to have a closer look at all the kitchy stuff you have(along with a big,empty duffle bag to fill up before i go home!!LOL).
take care of yourself.comfie jammies,tea,a good book,tv..whatever makes you happy!!sending a big get well hug to you!

Halle said...

I am sorry you aren't feeling well. Spring colds are rough!

Unknown said...

I can almost imagine that you caught your cold from Elizabeth. Those bugs really do get around! But your ginger tea sounds like the hot ticket for relief .... And that orange too. Take good care of yourself! Poor thing!

margaret said...

Oh you poor thing, you have my total sympathy! that,s one super cool mug you have there, hope the contents will have you back on your feet soon, can always add a dash on Whisky..

carole brungar said...

I'm with Margaret on this, (must be a kiwi thing?) Get rid of all tea, and oranges! Drink large amounts of whiskey all night! You'll feel much better in no time at all!!!!

Go on! Prove me wrong! lol

Marlynn said...

I do hope by now you are feeling much much better. Hugs,