Friday, April 1, 2011

More Asian Girls Come Home

I am loving my Asian altered coaster art!

Yesterday, Linda's and Margaret's girls arrived together, chatting away like old friends, even though they had only just met on the last leg of their journey.

This is Linda's clever girl, hiding demurely behind a paper fan (created from a paper parasol I had included in her envelope) and equipped with a pocket full of fortune cookie fortune "tags".

The other side of the coaster has another pocket,

holding a message inside of a chopstick wrapper "envelope".

A pagoda card is attached with fiber and a coin.

The card opens to reveal a small book! How fun is that? Now here is Margaret's beauty. Margaret was all concerned that this side was too bright. Too pink.


It is perfect!

For some reason I am completely taken by her folded paper lantern. Clever detail. :)

The flip side is elegant, cool and understated. It's the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan. Happy Spring!

Patty is showing off some of her kipper tins,

Margaret is parading her men,

Linda will be giving home tours and

Carole will be hooping it up.

Their blogs are on my side bar under "Queen Bees".


Joanna said...

Linda and Margaret's coasters are so beautiful! They are so different.

I guess I'd better get on with mine then.....!


~*~Patty S said...

Oh my so much wonderful creativity and Linda said she doesn't do Asian!

Margaret and Linda really outdid themselves...I know these must be gorgeous to hold and examine up close and personal too

You are going to have a cheese box full of wonders!

Lucky you!

Ashlyn said...

Patty is so right, they are amazing up close!! Thanks for letting me see them yesterday!! :)
Hugs, Ashlyn

Ann said...

oh,lucky,lucky you!! they are gorgeous! the ladies are so talented!!!!
have a happy weekend!

Marlynn said...

Nice, nice, nice. Love the Asian, making me want to do something with my Asian catalogue I have. Have a great weekend!s

femminismo said...

These coasters are wonderful. What a fabulous idea!

Linda said...

I adore Margaret's lantern! Sooo clever. How did she think of that? Must be our influence on her...surely? rofl You didn't tell them what the message inside the chopstick holder said!!! hee hee!

margaret said...

well now, Lidna's been hiding her talents,for a gal who doesn't do Asian! superb! ( I'll never believe anything she says again rofl) she totally excelled herself, love the little book!
My lantern was inspired by Jenxo and a little card she sent me, great fun and I finally got to use my zig zag scissors!
Love all your coasters Nathalie, I want to see them in the box at the end! Mx

bad penny said...

You Queen Bees are so clever - love these !

Sandy Ang said...

Margaret sent me the link and I'm so amazed by your lovely projects