Thursday, August 11, 2011

Garden Fresh Tomatoes and a Bizarre Break

I am blessed with a generous neighbor across the street from us who put in a garden and has encouraged us to come over any time to pick tomatoes.

The kids and I filled a stainless steel mixing bowl full of cherry tomatoes and within 3 days the bowl was empty. My kids eat cherry tomatoes like grapes- by the handful.

I like snacking on them too.

Fresh from the garden, they are like candy (you can't eat just one!)

The jalapeno peppers were picked for grins.

The kids dared each other to "taste" one, only to spit out their nibble and pant for water.

I think I was the most entertained! ha!

This is the "bizarre" part of my post.

In my haste to grab the afore mentioned stainless steel bowl from a stack of bowls up in the kitchen cabinet, I lost my grip and the bottom bowl took one for the team.

I have broken many dishes, but never in a ying-yang pattern.

Normally they crack right in half.

I hated to stick these pieces in the trash, because they were so unusual,

but a photograph takes up less room.


This has been the perfect summer--

Basil plants (for pesto!) thriving on my back deck

and garden fresh tomatoes, readily available, to go with.

It really doesn't get any better than that!

This was my lunch today.

Tri-colored spaghetti liberally topped with home made pesto,

shredded mozerella cheese and freshly chopped tomato.

I nearly licked the bowl.

What "makes" your summer?


Ann said...

goodness..looks sooooooooo good!!!
i had a nitrite filled hot dog from the microwave while 3 grandkids were rushing around underfoot!!!
i really have to start treating myself better!!
don't tell me you threw away that darling bowl?..glue it and fill it with pretties for decoration!!!

Marlynn said...

oh wow, your lunch looks delicious. You reminded me of the memory of having lunch with my grandma in the summer. Fresh veggies was such a wonderful taste in your mouth. Yes these were from her garden also. Out the backdoor, pick the veggies, back into the kitchen. I do have your coaster done- can I assume you still have the same po box you have had? Hugs, bff

~*~Patty S said...

nearly licked the bowl...go for it!

it looks scrumptious

Yin and Yang is exactly what I thought about your pretty would never happen twice

I had sliced tomato and fresh mozzarella slices drizzled with balsamic vinegar and snipped basil on top for lunch...yum!

I guess 'real' tomatoes are another thing I might miss about summer...
up til now I was only thinking bare feet...
August is not as hot as July and that is OK with me

Happy School Days to you Missy!

Margaret said...

Yummy yummy pic! I bet they tasted as good as they look!

I can't imagine you couldn't NOT break your plates artistically?? I mean really, how perfect is that??! I also thought you managed a good ying-yang balance there!