Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I know summer vacation is almost over when my kids are so desperate for something to do, that they pull out the Monopoly game.

We have 4 versions.

The classic original, the Disney version with Mickey and all of his friends, the version using a credit card instead of cash (which I have yet to play, but don't think I would like),

and my personal favorite, the Pixar version.

I, of course, always try to buy Ratatouille (sp?) properties and the mouse if my favorite game piece.

My other favorite investments are the transportation ones.

Instead of railroads, it's the Dinocopter from "Cars", Towmater Towing also from "Cars", The Incredibles' car and one other I can't remember.

We have had the game out for two days now and currently my daughter Victoria is winning since she bought the green properties just pass "Go to Jail" and loaded them with traffic cones (from the movie "Toy Story 2" and replace houses in the orignal Monopoly game).

The game is now tedious as we all just wait to go bankrupt as one person (Victoria) collects ridiculous rents.

The kids go back to school August 17th here.

I am starting to count the days until my vacation starts.


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Jill said...

My kids love monopoly, Jim (my deceased husband) loved monopoly. I DON'T love monopoly!! But, I love your cup and saucer....because I have a whole set of dishes that match it!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I see you didn't use an orphan set for tea today. I haven't played Monopoly in YEARS, but use the little metal pieces and money in my art. I didn't even know they had more than one Monopoly game. Goes to show I live in an altered state (grin).

Also loved how you altered the Pottery Barn images. Very impressive ladies all in a row!

Linda Jo said...

I hate Monopoly! My son and son-in-law love it and I'm glad they have each other! It's become a tradition on Christmas Eve! (for them)ha!

Yvonne said...

Always loved that game and we just had the original, but the others sound like fun! We played scrabble and yahtze a lot too. Now we play Mexican Train or cards. Happy tea day to you!

~*~Patty S said...

I've always Loved Monopoly but haven't played it in ages...what fun twists they have put on the game!

I am happy your vacation starts soon...you deserve it lady!

Happy T to you today!
p.s. adore your cup!

Ann said...

i always liked Monopoly..didn't know about the Pixar version..it's way cute!!!
my grandkids go back to school on the 24th!!! it's a toss up...complaining ,bored kids or homework and projects...hummmmm,not sure!! thought back to school all summer,but now that its almost here,crap..i hate homework!!!!

Unknown said...

That would be fun to add to our game cupboard! We have a Harry Potter Clue game that is pretty fun too :)

I love your pictures today :)

Margaret said...

How can you do so many posts and your kids are still on holiday?? I think I've managed one since they've been off!! Well done!
I always feel quite enthusiastic at the beginning of Monopoly but our games seem to last forever! We have the Star Wars so it's all about space ships and landing pads!