Thursday, August 25, 2011

Glue Book Fodder

I admire the people who can slosh paint about with wild abandon when they work on a collage or other altered art piece.

I can do that, but naturally default to paper and glue.

Maybe because paint is messy and requires water

and I find that a glue stick is "dry" and so I don't have to be as careful with it

(if you saw the tiny workspaces where I spontaneously choose to do art, you would understand).

I have come to find out that there is a whole crowd of people, just like me,

who "do" simple, straight forward, paper and glue collage.

And they do it in an altered book known as a "gluebook".

No paint, no rubber stamps.

Just layering paper images.

And so to all of your Glue Book-ers out there I say, "stop by my etsy shop, I've got the goods."

The newest items are my bundles of letters that look as good to display as they are to use.

I also slip in something extra with every purchase,

"just because".


Ann said...

i love paper and glue!! i like paint..but causes a problem when the little kids and cats are running around!!! thats why i like the ink pads..i can get color..and no water needed!!!
you have also answered a question i've pondered..what is a glue book? i knew it was an altered book..but i didn't know why it had a different distinction!! thanks !!!!!!see..i learn something new every day!!!
love your paper packets!!!

Jill said...

I kind of started something like this awhile back and was going to just glue in what not and make little notes of what/where we were doing at the time. A journal more than just collaging. Didn't last long. :( So do you use the glue stick like you buy for your kids or the UHU stick I see everywhere (and have also bought)? They are higher priced but I don't think I can tell the difference.

Linda said...

You and me baby, we're stuck like glue. Ya gotta love Sugarland! I buy the expensive UHU gluesticks.... love em!

Bad Penny said...

Fabulous ! I try to avoid paint at all costs. I've just bought two little journal books so must start sticking....

Useful Books said...

I just discovered a SuperStik permanent glue stick. Never really a fan of glue sticks before because of the lack of "stick." This brand works GREAT!! I even use it for insets on journals. No affiliation, just a fan. :)

Donna said...

totally with you! Glue, different papers, some old photos, small work space + a free hour = a happy camper!
It is what it is!