Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gettin' Some Religion

Do you have lots of fabulous, but blank, journals in piles of good intentions?
Well, I do.
I admire the journaling of others, make attempts myself, but quit before I get very far.
I blame it on being distracted too easily.
Well, I think I've finally found the perfect combination for success.
First I watched this free lettering tutorial by Teesha Moore
(Linda is always sending me these great links!)
then today I joined a weekly scripture challenge on Christian Paper Artists
 that coincides with Lent.
I figure if I can keep up the weekly journaling for 7 weeks,
it might become a habit I will continue beyond Easter.
So now you know what I'm doing for Lent!
Today's artwork was done with cheap, sparkly, gel pens from Wal-mart,
as opposed to expensive copic markers from Hobby Lobby.
Just sayin' that you don't need expensive tools and materials to make art!
I would have filmed my own tutorial, but I can't bring a camera to work.
I did this page during some slow time at the post office.
Now go make something!


kimmie said...

What a cool project ... You're going to have a wonderful and encouraging ok when you are done!

Margaret said...

Looks cool, love your colours!

Linda said...

So glad you accepted the challenge on CPA!!! I am excited about it.. and your page is wonderful!

~*~Patty S said...

you are off to a lovely Lenten start to the challenge already have everything you need ...

Ann said...

it's lovely Nathalie!!
copic markers are nice..but i can't afford i'm with you on Wal Mart cheapies!!..also the dollar store!!