Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Paper Sandwiches

The past couple days, I've been sifting through my paper treasures.
And making bundles.
There's always more paper than I can ever use.

It's all yellowed so needs little distressing.
Hymnal page, antique mathematics text book pages, writing primer,
many foreign dictionary pages (French and German mostly)...

...First day issue postage postcards, Victorian trade cards (originals, not copies!), vintage air mail envelopes,...
all now sandwiched together between two antique book covers
and offered to you, tied up with string, in my etsy shop.
I'll have a few of these "paper sandwiches", but only one, possibly two of these letter bundles, since I am running out of good letters.
I hate to sell you inferior goods.

This particular letter bundle has a hand written letter from Idaho
containing two photos.
I didn't separate the pieces so the next owner can have the excitement of finding them,
in their original envelope.

I dug through my paper and picked out the good stuff for you.
Next I'm thinking of filling some cigar boxes with treasure since Hoardica just visited Cuba.
Not only does Darcy's Postcard Challenge prompt me to make art each week,
I also get inspired to sort my trash, er stash in a thematic way!


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Believe me this is a very special stash of wonderful ephemera...lovely design elements to record your journeys. Beautiful!!! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Linda said...

You have the best stuff. It's so good that you can let it go like that.... not sure I could/can!!!

Ann said...


Limner said...

Sweet memories tied up all pretty! You're full of great ideas. I like.

kimmie said...

I will definitely go check that out as I have a special place in my heart for old book covers :)

... Are you ok tornado-wise? ... Hoping you are ....

~*~Patty S said...

Such great ingredients dear Nathalie...your bundles are enchanting and enticing all wrapped in one :)

Anonymous said...

Old letters with photos is like finding treasures, I agree! My brother used to work at a recycling plant and he's brought me beautiful 'treasures'...thanks for sharing. I'm off to etsy...