Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Classic Shop

I didn't go yesterday, so I had to go today and look what I found!!! Five little bottles, corks intact (and removable) @10 cents. I left a price tag on to prove it. Varigated sewing thread in my favorite golden shades, 25 cents. Card of seam bias lace, 10 cents (I have a box full, but can't resist another purchase- it was only a DIME, come on!) The bottles will be altered and sent out as RAKs if I don't keep one or two for myself. I will be sure to post the transformation.

I have to explain the Classic Shop, because it is AMAZING as thrift stores go. To quote from my zine, "64021" (see sidebar), "Run by an ecumenical group of volenteers, the Classic Shop appears to be just another thrift store, but I consider it my treasure cave. The ladies dutifully put everything out for sale, odds and ends and bits of things other thrift stores would throw out... " And I find amazing things for dimes or free (sometimes they will throw an item into the bag and say, "just have it". Yet, I have been told several times that they make their rent, utlilties ad insurance payments and STILL have money to give back to the community. The school once called The Classic Shop about financing a pair of glasses for a little boy whose parents couldn't afford them. The Classic Shop did. I can support that. Often at the checkout counter I say, "keep the change".


Linda said...

Love em! Volunteers has a "u", btw. Remember...there is no volunteer without U! rotfl

Nathalie Thompson said...

Linda, Thanks for the spell check! I think I will leave the original typ-o, so anyone reading the comments will understand what you were talking about. lol