Monday, September 8, 2008


A spontaneous greeting card came from rummaging in my studio, pausing over a piece of scrap paper I hadn't dared toss months ago and then deciding it was time for the scrap to be used. The scrap of art print became a background glued to an ugly old greeting card, which I keep around for face lifting. I opened a drawer, picking the first item I saw (a computer printed vintage photo) and stuck it down on my card (my glue stick was smoking now). On my desk I found some scrapbooking tiles/stickers I hadn't put away and stuck down, removed, tried again, finally replacing one tile with a scrapbooking flower punch out. And then like I often do to "finish" a piece, I ran a border around the edge of the card on my ever ready sewing machine (just have to shove a few things to the side so I can get at the needle). Voila! Now a quick note inside and then ready to mail to a friend who appreciates my "something out of nothing" cards. :)


Linda said...

Oh, you know that I love it!!! Did I tell you that I moved my sewing machine into the art room a couple of months ago? So now it's always ready to do that kind of sewing...that's about the only kind it's seen in a few years. And it's the only kind I really want to do other than "handwork". It's good to see you posting again...glad school started!!!!!!

Donna said...

How Pretty sweetie!!!hughugs