Monday, September 1, 2008

Altered CD Case

My photo is NOT a good example of an altered CD case, but think of it more like a prompt. My hubby brought home this gorgeous butterfly yesterday from his mom's (her screened in porch attracts beautiful insects that fly in to the open door to expire). The wings were 90 degrees to each other so I scrambled for something to gently flattened the butterfly into. Voila! A little used CD case! As I was thinking about this post, the ideas started to fly. Wouldn't this butterfly look even better if there was a collage behind it? If it were part of an assemblage? So here is my free idea for you. Altered CD cases! Create a 1/4" deep chunky composition within a container that is easy to display and dust off. I am all about easy dusting! If you create something you want to show off, let me know and I will post your link.

1 comment:

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

i think that is an amazing idea! i love it.
xoxo nita