Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All American

This one's for you, Linda. A portrait of our house. The flag pole is a recent addition. It replaced a rather overgrown and messy island of irises, an ancient rose bush, a deformed redbud tree and a butterfly bush (or something) that looked shabby and invited choke vine to climb all over it. The old landscaping obstructed the pretty view of our house, but now the flagpole adds a yard element without cluttering the yard. The flowering bush at the side of the house is a rose of sharon- one of my favorite plants. The flowerbeds around the porch and in front of the chimney are painfully vacant. I want something old fashioned like spiria (bridal veil) while hubby wants something more contemporary like ornamental grass. What do you think?


Donna said...

Anything that blooms is My choice! Love the house!!!hughugs

Linda said...

I love your house!!! It's sooooooo YOU!!! Thank you for posting this. I love spirea .... but I don't really like it when it's not blooming...then it can get a little sparse - at least in Houston. It might do better where you are? Carolina Jasmine maybe? You might not want yellow though? Or there is a nightblooming jasmine that's white? Okay....glad to help. hahaha Love the flag - is there always a breeze to keep it out like that? ha!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Your home is so lovely. I think whatever you pick will compliment it.
xoxo Nita