Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vintage Paper tag

Today I was inspired to soak some of my found wallpaper to unglue and separate the layers. The water in the bathroom sink turned a fabulous tea color. I spread the wet wallpaper pieces out on cut up t-shirts to dry and in the mean time played with some wallpaper and newspaper pieces that were workable already. This is what I made. Sorry for the horrible photo.
The card base is a vintage library book pocket card and the flowers are a dangle earring I took apart. The hanger is a piece of blue wire attached to a piece of the earring (glued to the card), strung with vintage paste pearls (great patina) and attached to the card at the other end through a tiny punched hole. The vintage photo is a copy from a Somerset Studio collage sheet (in each issue), the wallpaper you know about and I also used some of the newspaper I found. The trim is vintage too. What can I say? I like old stuff.

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