Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Super Inchie Card

Yes, I KNOW I should use my scanner, because my camera makes dark, blue cast photos, but the camera is quicker when I want to share something fast! I get so excited to show and tell!

While looking for some ATC blanks, I ran across an envelope from a long ago swap that contained these super inchies (over one inch square). These done by Laura Halnan, are abstracts done with scraps of paper glued down on squares and then stamped/ embossed silver (or maybe embossed first and then stuck down). They were perfect stuck to a non-profit greeting card, the geometric shapes seeming to echo the clouds, mountains and water in the photo greeting. As with many of my spontaneous cards, this one got mailed to a family friend who crafts but doesn't have a computer at home (nor email address). We exchange hand made cards and goodies through the US mail. Have you played with your inchies and made something super to share today?


Linda said...

I think it's Lorna Halnan. ??? You are certainly the busy one! Love it. And I can't zoom in on the library...I tried.

lhalnan said...

Yes, it is Lorna, but I don't care. I love that you used them!!! They look familiar and brand-new all at the same time.