Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Tea Cat is "On"

Today I thought I would shake things up a bit and drink something other than my standard black tea. It's white tea today.

(Carole sent it to me for my birthday last November.)

The peek of "Nebraska" behind my cup and saucer is a souvenir creamer I found at the thrift store for a dime-- I put 2% milk into my tea.

And honey (not pictured).

I really need to visit Nebraska sometime.

I've driven through, but haven't stopped to see anything.

Jill lives up there.

Can you say, "Road Trip"?!

Don't worry, Jill, I won't just suddenly show up on your door step unannounced.

But now I am rambling, so let me bring you back to tea...

The white tea is loose, but instead of messing with a tea ball (because we all know they leak tea leaves), I just throw the tea leaves into my teapot and pour water over them. Like in the "old days". Then I just use an old, homely, but functional, mesh strainer to pour the tea through. I feel so Victorian to have so many tea implements on my tray. heehee.

Only mine aren't highly designed, fancy silver things.

(Those stay on display in my china cabinet.)

The Cat, so many of you have commented on in the past, is my one and only tea cozy. That's why you rarely see a teapot in my posts. I like my tea HOT from first to last pour. He is also the one and only cat in our house (I don't care much for felines as house pets- I am a dog person).

My tea tray is the oasis of calm in the middle of whatever artistic chaos I have going on. Today I am assembling a junk journal.

Visit our hostess Kimmie to see who else is having tea today!


Yvonne said...

Junk journal, sounds interesting and fun. Your entire post was fun. Love the cat cozy...almost looks real. Happy tea day.

Jill said...

You can show up anytime!!!! We'll just kick the toys/junk/projects out of the way and sit and have tea and chat! Ok, maybe coffee for me. And, with some warning I'll have lunch ready (chicken salad?!) with WINE!!
About your journal. I started making a "remains of the day" type of guest book for the wedding. In my mind it was going to be so neat and really believe it would have been. But, then the reality hit of how many people would have looked at it and thought HUH?! and be confused as to whether they should sign it and where...so more conventional we go.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am in awe of your tea cozy. I don't really think about tea temperatures, so I was pleased to read that yours must be hot from beginning to end.

Love the idea of a junk journal. It looks like it will be a lot of fun to peruse once it is completed. Happy Tea today.

Joanna said...

Ooh yes, a junk journal does sound interesting.

And I bet your cat tea cosy doesn't climb all over you while you're trying to type or demand food on a shockingly regular basis!


Anonymous said...

Well, whatever your kitty preferences this one adds a nice piece of ambiance to your tea setting ;-)
I am a big fan of white tea. Mellow in flavor and hits the spot, anytime.
Happy T on T

voodoo vixen said...

Such a pretty tea tray and I love the tea cosy... but then I am a cat person so it would be very at home in my house. The junk journal sounds a great idea... I think I may have to steal it as I am trying to do an art journal and it isn't working!! ;)

my cup of tea said...

I love your tea cozy! I have never seen a cat one! Very cute! I also see your pink zutter in the picture, I love mine! Happy Tea day!

~*~Patty S said...

your tea tray and creative chaos all look very inviting to me

I tip my cuppa to you...meowww

Linda said...

Looks like you had a great day. You even had your whatchamacalit out!

Amy said...

hi guess what?

i was born in nebraska.
so when you go to stalk your friend, i'll go with you so i can see my gramma.

fascinating, no?

also. I've had white tea before.
In fact, i still have some.

I remember worrying that it was white because all of the goodness was depleted.

Probably not, but I still worried.

maybe I have


Kimmie said...

Your tea tin is Amazing!! I would chooses that tea no matter what kind it was if it came in a tin like that! Your creative mess looks like way too much fun!! Love it!

Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

Nancy said...

T Tuesday is over, but I'm still making rounds :)
Hope your day was nice and I hope you show us more of your junk journal, it sounds interesting :)

Margaret said...

I like this kind of cat, stationary and always clean.
As for the whatchmacallit, Lidnas has clearly gone rusty as she's forgotten it's name, perhaps we should have a Zutter revival sometime soon??

Judy said...

Your cat tea cozy is wonderful! You always have a companion for tea. I enjoy white tea from time to time...I hope you enjoyed yours. It is a nice change from black tea.


Marlynn said...

I am already enjoying your junk journal and your tea is lovely my dear. Here's a question for you, why don't I get english words as my word verification anymore.... today with you it is "sulia" - gets weird - LOL but then I am weird. so it doesn't matter my little one! LOL

*jean* said...

i love my tea on a tray too...it's just so fancy!! happy t day (sorry to be late!)

La Dolce Vita said...

How did i miss tea with you!! I thought you served it for me!! xox cat

Ann said...

I'm delighted you left a link on my blog!!!!!! I want everyone to come to yours and enjoy it as much as I do!!!!happy weekend!!!

withCaitlin said...

I most know where you got your tea cozy! Do tell!

withCaitlin said...

I most know where you got your tea cozy! Do tell!