Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hurray for my father-in-law who helped me move my studio furniture to our "new" house and got my computer assembled and running!!!!

I have some "normal" back.

It feels very good!

So for my first post "back" on-line, I have to show you a bit of what I did on Carole's hoop.

It wasn't all moving that I did!
I enjoy sewing and hand embroidery, but I don't do much of it unless forced to. Ha!
Thank you Carole for the opportunity!
I loved the materials she sent and it shows in what I created from them.
I thoroughly enjoyed the process and the colors (red and green)!
The hoop should be reaching Carole any day now so you will enjoy a full reveal on her blog.


Ann said...

DYING to see the rest!!!!
so glad you have "normal" !!!

Patti said...

What a great piece! I'll have to check out the entire photo:)
Glad you're settled!

Linda said...

It looks yummy! Can't wait for Carole's reveal of all of our's!!!

Bee said...

Just a little tease you are...thought I'd see the whole project and house pictures! Glad you're back!

Jill said...

Uhg..Bee was me, but my daughter was signed in instead! I want my computer to be mine and mine alone--I can say that now that mother's day is again, a year away :)

Amy said...

Actually I like red and green too.

I don't like sewing because i am not good at it.


also, good deal with the manperson moving your stuff all around.
i hate doing that crap by myself and a manperson must
be present to do it for me.


bad penny said...

Good to get settled. I shall look out for your hoop over at Carole's !

~*~Patty S said...

can't wait for the full reveal!

Nancy said...

Gorgeous, did you do the tatting? or did I miss that somewhere along the way :)