Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Levitation and Other Dramatic Devices (It's Tea Tuesday!)

The view from below.

My china and chochkes are floating effortlessly.

(You may not see the glass shelves in my china cabinet this clean again!)

The view from above.

It's a china jungle in there!

I have a ridiculous amount of crockery.

May have to do a giveaway or two.

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ooglebloops said...

At first I pictured you lying on the floor under a glass top table taking the first pic!! LOL You do not have a ridiculous amount of china- but if you must give some away - I will be entering - to hopefully add to my own ridiculous amount!!!You have some neat stuff!! Thank goodness torrential rain and flooding is keeping me from volunteering today at the thrift store - I'd be bringing more home.....

Halle said...

What a great perspective in the first photo! Hope you have a great day!!

Jill said...

Isn't it great to have things clean every blue moon or so? Moving will do that. So will graduations.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What an eclectic mix of goodies. You DO have a lot of glassware, crockery, and assorted breakables.

I also enjoyed seeing photos of your bath. It is really heavenly with all those clouds. Happy Tea today.

Linda said...

Love the view! It's a good thing you drink tea!!! I would hate to see those cups go unused..they are too wonderful.

Margaret said...

what a great collection, something different for every day, I do hope you use it all. My mother had a china cabinet and we were only allowed to touch the cups once a year!

Judy said...

Lovely collection, Nathalie. The spotless glass is impressive!

Happy tea day!


~*~Patty S said...

and what a splendid view it is Mz N

I have a real weakness for china pieces...so many lovely ones you have there!

Happy T to ya!

Ann said...

LOVE YOUR CHINA COLLECTION...you can never have too much..just too little space!!
oh,lordy..will i have to move to get my glass that clean? or do i just have to get motivated? motivated,huh!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooo a giveaway she says, tapping her fingers together lightly. ;-)
I love the under the shelf shot! You do have a china jungle (love that) but what a lovely jungle it is.
Happy T on T

Gayle said...

Oh I love all your beautiful china, and your photographs are fantastic, ( feels good having clean shelves doesn't it). I was just looking at your previous post..... your new house looks amazing !! I can,t wait to see more of it. Love the bathroom....the timber floor, the claw footed bath and that amazing wallpaper... I would feel like I was in antique architecture heaven with you !

Kimmie said...

We've had sunshine the last few days .... And my china cabinet is looking very very dusty!!! All I need to do is move into a cute house with a butler pantry and my problems will all be solved ;)

Happy tea day .... And I am happy for you and the signs of settling in! Kimmie

Nancy said...

I love your jungle :) such a lovely selection! You are getting boxes emptied! Good for you.

Jeanie said...

I'm thinking everyone should move now and then! I shudder to think about it, but look how pretty it al is!